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Lionell Messi and Diego Maradona - a numerological analysis

By M.K.Damodaran - Numerologist

Kannur, Kerala, 16 July, ( Lionel Messi is touted as Argentina’s next Maradona.It has been reported that Messi was even anointed by Maradona as the successor of the latter.Lionell Messi and Diego MaradonaLionell Messi and Diego Maradona

What is the reason behind this? Numerologically, there are harmonious vibrations between Messi and Maradona. To begin with, both the names-Messi and Maradona-begins with the same alphabet. That is a plus-point. Secondly, their name numbers are identical.

The name number of Messi is 16 which adds up to 7(1+6=7) and that of Maradona is 25 which also adds up to 7 as shown below:-

The name number is obtained by adding together the occult numbers of each number of the name.Thus,Messi=m+e+s+s+i=4+5+3+3+1=16(1+6=7).

Diego MaradonaDiego MaradonaAnd,Maradona=m+a+r+a+d+o+n+a=4+1+2+1+4+7+5+1=25(2+5=7).

This factor activates the friendly vibrations between the two.

Now, let us consider their birth numbers. Messi was born on June 24, 1987.Hence his birth number is 6(2+4=6).Maradona was born on October 30, 1961.Therefore, his birth number is 3(3+0=3).Numbers 3, 6 and 9 harmoniously interact with each other. These factors form the force to galvanize the affection among them.Lionell MessiLionell Messi

Argentina takes on defending champion Brazil in the final on July 15th.Interestingly enough, the date adds up to 6(1+5=6)-the birth number of Messi. Again astonishingly, Messi is 20 years and 22 days old on the 15th.Addition of 20 and 22 gives 42.And this number adds up to 6(4+2=6).

So,it gives us a hint that July 15th is a crucial date for Messi.

Messi is nick-named as 'Messidona'.It is seen that its name number is 33, which gives 6(3+3=6)-same as the birth number!That is,even the nick-naming is fortunate for Messi!!

Does it mean that Argentina will win? I am not jumping into a prediction in this eleventh hour. Last week I had predicted through the Rediff Blog that Federer would win the Wimbledon final and create history by equaling the record of Bjorn Borg.

But, that prediction was purely on an individual. In the case of a team, an extensive numerological study is required. Frankly, I have not studied about the Brazil team.

In this context I regret to recollect the fact that my prediction-that Sri Lanka would win the 9th World cricket cup-published in some Sri Lankan papers was later proved wrong.

This prediction was based on the influence of number 9 on Sri Lanka and its captain. Sorry to submit, I had committed a fundamental error at that time. That is, while making a prediction in undue haste (in the eleventh hour) I did not bother to examine the influence of number 9 on the Australian team!

Coming back to Messi let us wait and watch whether his lucky number will influence the fate of Argentina.

Finally, it will be a matter of profound interest to look at the name number of Argentina.
The name number is arrived at by adding together the occult number of each alphabet of the name.Thus, Argentina=a+r+g+e+n+t+i+n+a=1+2+3+5+5+4+1+5+1=27.Number 27 is numerologically highly lucky and it harmoniously vibrate with the lucky 6 of Messi.

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