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"Country First"

By Ranjini D.

Sri Lanka need not worry about the people who cannot make it. They will not make a positive impact even if they come reluctantly. There are country leaders who are pressured by certain groups abroa, working against Sri Lanka. Canada and U.K. are great examples.

It is good for Sri Lanka to know who her friends are. "Good riddance of bad rubbish"; so they will not interfere again.

Sri Lanka cannot be held at ransom all the time for fabricated HUman Rights Issues, by the president of Human Rights who does not comprehend what terrorism means and who has done it in Sri Lanka over the last 30 years.

In my opinion as a foreign resident; Sri Lanka needs to be bold and take a front stage that she can afford to do, to help islands innocent people who have faced enough embarrassment form Human Rights which has very little support from the world at -large.

India may not attend as she has kept Sri Lanka under control for installation of 13A.

Sri Lanka should be bold enough to act what is best for the country as a whole and to prevent the Sinhalese majority being harassed by a minority.

Whatever the govt. make mistakes, sometimes it is done due to various enemies it has to face from all sides, who wants to destroy Sri Lanka and reap benefits for themselves. Those are the people who have no feelings for the people or the motherland.

A minority (Sinhalese or Tamil) cannot hold a sovereign island to ransom by seeking outside help.

I call those people not patriots But...T......

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