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"Commemoration of Muslim history month in Canada"

The Sri Lankan Muslim community gathered at Sri Lanka Islamic Foundation of Ontario auditorium in Masjid Al Jannah located at Markham and Ellesmere, Scarborough to commemorate and celebrate the Muslim history Month in Canada which was declared in October 2007 by an act of Parliament.

Sailan Muslim Foundation of Canada (SMFC) which is an organization that represents the various Sri Lankan Muslim associations and masjids initiated this commemoration which marked the 6th anniversary of the declaration. Sailan Muslim Foundation of Canada (SMFC) a registered non-profit organization, formed with the objective of representing the Sri Lankan Muslim community with a unified voice and to initiate and execute projects both through itself and other affiliated organizations with the aim of community development in an integrated and holistic manner.

SMFC has identified four key areas of development within the community and vis-a vis its larger environment as youth and education, media and public relations, social affairs and interfaith &international affairs. It envisages initiating projects and programmes designed to benefit and add to the progress of the Sri Lankan Muslims as a vibrant, nationally oriented and globally aware community.

At the event the President of SMFC, Ifthikar Hassen emphasized on the above points and highlighted the evolution of the community since the mid-1960s to- date as a mature community and a possible future scenario where Sri Lankan Muslims in Canada will play an increasingly active role through its second generation both at the Sri Lankan community, pan-Muslim community and inter-community relations with other communities that make up the diverse Canadian mosaic. The concept of Sailan Muslim acting as a community catalyst which harnesses the strength of a community's experiences, people and ideas was also highlighted during his talk.

The key note speaker invited to the event was Shaykh Yusuf Badat, Imam of the Islamic Foundation of Toronto who addressed the large gathering and stressed on the importance of learning lessons from history and the analogy to the lessons that God has revealed in the Quran and teaching from the Prophet Mohamed (PBUH). He also emphasized on the importance of the youth taking part in the evolving history of different communities and the relevance of their contribution. He cited the Quaranic verse

"Surely, in the narratives of these, there is a lesson for the people of understanding". (Quran: 12:11)

He also indicated that lessons can be learnt from history which should not only inspire us to do good but also prevent ourselves from falling into the mistakes and errors people fell in to in the past. For those with understanding lessons can be learnt from any event or occasion and the prophet (PBUH) took every opportunity to teach a lesson for the benefit of those present then and for generations to come.

Further he indicated that the SL Muslim community has always had people who served the community and God willing will continue to do so in the future. In conclusion he stressed on the importance of holding firm to ones faith and encouraging and inspiring the youth to be part of the community's present and future activities.

AGA Barrie who is a founder director of the SMFC presented a slide show presentation that highlighted some of the significant "firsts" in the short history of Sri Lankan Muslims in Canada.

The event concluded with a very typical grand spread of Sri Lankan dishes and delicacies which was brought in by the attendees and amply demonstrated the historically famous feature of Sri Lankan Muslims leading in the field of culinary enjoyment.

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 SMFC President Ifthikar Haasen addressing the gathering
 Key Note speaker Imam Yusuf Badat addressing the gathering
Section of attendees
 Section of sisters in attendance
 Enjoying the variety of foods
diconary view
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