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Sanje Sedera - on road to Nevada State Assembly - gets major endorsements

Sri Lanka-born Sanje Sedera who is running for Nevada State Assembly on Democratic Party ticket has received endorsements from highly visible, state-wide prominent and Washington leadership linked politicians and political activists.

One such person who endorsed Mr. Sedera's candidacy is former Democratic Party Congresswoman who represented the State of Nevada for fourteen years until January this year Shelley Berkley.

In the Nevada State Democratic Party operation Ms. Berkley's endorsement is considered one of the coveted one gained by Sanje Sedera.

Mr. Sedera has also won the endorsement of the person who runs the Nevada State Democratic Party Roberta Lange, its chairman.

So is the endorsement of Secretary General Of the Nevada State Democratic Party Marla Turner.

The following endorsements, the Asian Tribune learns, were invaluable to catapult Mr. Sedera's campaign to gather momentum as it goes on to next year's Assembly elections.

Vice Chairman Of the Nevada State Democratic Party Lind a Cavazos

Chairman of The Clark County Democratic Party Chris Miller

1st Vice Chairman of the Clark County Democratic Party Denice Martin

2nd Vice Chairman of the Clark County Democratic Party Daniel Monroe-Moreno

3rd Vice Chairman of the Clark County Democratic Party Edith Bird

President of the Asian American Group Mike Vaswani, Executive Vice President of the Asian American Group Loni Andal and Vice President of Asian American Group Joe Tino, the activists of the most active and broadly represented movement are steadily behind Sanje Sedera in his long campaign to next year.

So is the Chinese-American civic organization.

The Sri Lankan-American Sanje Sedera has the knack of reaching to policymakers not only in his native state Nevada but also in Washington and the Obama White House. This hardworking and pleasant political activist of the US Democratic Party rose in the ranks of the Nevada Democratic Party apparatus within few years raising the eyebrows of many Sri Lankans domiciled in this state.

When the former Virginia Governor Tim Kane came on an official visit to Nevada as the head of the National Committee of the Democratic Party two years ago Sanje Sedera was one of the few of the local party apparatus who was tasked by the Nevada Democratic Party caucus to organize a public affairs event in Las Vegas. Mr. Kane is now a US Senator.

State Assembly of any state is the governing-lawmaking authority that help the state governor to discharge his executive powers in the state. And Sanje Sedera seeks to be one of the Assembly Members who will be entrusted to be part of the governing apparatus in the State of Nevada.

Sedera's entry to the fray in next year's Nevada State Assembly election has already energized the Asian-American community in Las Vegas and obviously will draw attention of those who handle public diplomacy for Sri Lanka, and of course not forgetting the Sri Lankan Diaspora spread in other nations in the West.

If elected to the Nevada State Assembly the Asian-American and Sri Lankans will not only gain a voice in the State of Nevada but also will reach that voice to Washington as Mr. Sedera will then have access as a peoples representative to power centers in Washington.

To make a significant presence in a national political party in the United States as an immigrant is not a very easy achievement. To make an impact and create an imprint in the national political party in a state, to cultivate personal contacts with United States congressmen and officials in Washington, and get fully involved in the operation of the political party for an immigrant is the most difficult task. Sri Lanka-born Sanje Sedera has achieved just that.

Sanje Sedera’s unusual skill in reaching others and his extraordinary leadership qualities helped him to be the chairman of the Asian American Democratic Caucus in Las Vegas, Nevada and vice chairman of the most populous and largest county - Clark County Democratic Party in the state. Within few years of his association with the Democratic Party Sedera was elected to the Executive Board Member of the Nevada State Democratic Party. He is also the Vice President of Nevada’s South Asian Chamber of Commerce and an active member of the Lions Movement in the State.

He was elected, unopposed, as the vice chairman in charge of budget/finance and fundraising of the Executive Board of the Clark County Democratic Party, party which is now occupying the White House.

The Asian Tribune consider these wide range State-wide endorsements in the early stage of Sanje Sedera's campaign as a catalyst that will put his country of birth - Sri Lanka - on the map.

- Asian Tribune –

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