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Get Your Own House In Order First! - Sobitha Thera was told

By Ranjini Deraniyagala

In response to the Chief incumbent of the Kotte Naga Viharaya, Maduluwawe Sobitha Thera, that “Maldives Make Millions Without Cassinos” it has been pointed out to “Get Your Own House In Order First”

Sri Lanka Buddhist religious teaching will have to get her own "kingdom" in order, before wasting time to destroy unapproachable issues, it has been added.

Maduluwawe Sobitha Thera, said last week that despite objections from the Mahanayakes, other religious leaders and opposition parties, the government was determined to go ahead with the establishment of six casino zones, but it should stop and take note of the good example set by the Maldives.

In response to Maduluwawe Sobitha Thera, it has been further pointed out that Maldives may not have Casinos. But it is the narcotic hub, also kills animals left and right. And hotels full of meat that attracts the greedy. No Buddhism. Their principles are on a different route.

Further it has been stated that, Sri Lanka must respect the animals if the major religion is Buddhism. May be the casinos wil help to deflect the attendees from narcotics, and meditation centers will deflect the desire for more meat.

Maduluwawe Sobitha Thera further said, “The Maldives had been able to attract over a million tourists in 2012, most of who were big spenders, and had already topped that figure this year without establishing a single gaming center.”

"Take Maldives as an example," the Thera appealed to President Mahinda Rajapaksa, pointing out that the archipelago had developed its tourist industry without the dangerous gambling dollars which only served to destroy the fabric of a country and its people.?

Reciprocating to what Maduluwawe Sobitha Thera has said, it is further responded by pointing out “shouting priests who apparently have a good heart for the religion and people, must strive to stop the cruel killings of animals in the country in accordance with the Buddhist precepts.

It was further added - Also they can prevent narcotics and cruelty to animals if they educate themselves better in English and commence professional meditation centers for the Tourists.

This will prevent all the ills connected with casinos. Consequently only the big spenders will go there.

Taxes should also be raised to exorbitantly high level; as a deterrent to prevent locals entering casinos, especially the young generation.

First things first please! to seek the root cause of these problems!!

In USA there are several Meditation centers, by various Buddhist religion Thai, Korean,Tibetan,and Sri Lankan. Meditation is a popular topic even amongst the Business and health care centers.

My suggestion is for the Buddhist priests to learn English well and commence real professional Meditation Teaching Centers so that the tourist understands them well. Some priests are not all that good in relating Buddhism and meditation, to foreigners.

Tibetan, Zen and Thai centers are making great headway attracting Americans -for meditation as well as for Buddhist religion. There are some good Sri Lankan centers too, but it still need improvements.

They all must possess good knowledge of English to explain the complete issues and questions in people’s minds. It helps the young generation too, who has only a little knowledge of the Sinhalese language.

So the ball is in the Priests court and the Sinhalese who are just fighting against Casinos.

There are several other issues:

1. Strive to stop cruelty to animals

2. Learn English in a professional manner and set up meditation real good meditation centers.
To attract the Tourists as well as the young generation.

3. Get help from the govt. to set up Meditation Centers.

4. Ask the govt to impose high taxes on setting up Casinos as well as expensive entry permits
to prevent young generation entering.

5. Demand the rights properly.

6. Ask the teaching centers to give English classes to the priests as a separate venture-only for
the priests.

7. You have to show exactly how the setting up casinos will destroy the spread of Buddhism.

8. In that case the priests have to show that they are actually doing a good job in spreading
the religion.

9. Young generation is going away from Buddhism and have become victims of other converts.
10. Sri Lanka Buddhist religious teaching will have to get her own "kingdom" in order, before
wasting time to destroy unapproachable issues.

Get Your Own House In Order First!

- Asian Tribune -

Chief incumbent of the Kotte Naga Viharaya, Maduluwawe Sobitha Thera,
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