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Excitement running high in all households!

By S.H.Moulana - Riyadh

Excitement normally runs high in households, in the gulf, whenever children scattered all over the world, for higher studies, return home for vacation and our household is no exemption.

It becomes really electrifying when the ‘baby’ of the house, especially, infuses his anxiousness in meeting his two elder siblings returning home, for a short break for couple of weeks.

The three brothers, in our household are extremely closely knit.

While the eldest one is coming from Colombo, the other is expected to fly to the homeland from Kuala Lumpur and join him in their flight together to the Saudi capital, Riyadh.

Incidentally both will have their first taste of how a drive on the newly opened Colombo-Katunayake Expressway will look like.

The youngest, who is a second grader in the same school, where both of his elders had their elementary education, in Riyadh, stepped up the excitement at home by starting a ‘count down’!

He was using a whiteboard with a board marker to cut off the days. Sometimes he was so impatient he cut off the day before actually the day is over! We used to tell him that’s ‘foul’! Not to say that this same anxiety did not catch up with the elders too, namely the parents and grandparents. Their-own ‘count down’ was going on privately un-noticed!

In the meantime, various programs and activities have been planned out to keep the ‘visitors’ fully entertained during their short stay.

Their likes and dislikes in food and the restaurants they used to frequent, when they were here, also have been discussed in detail. With every day passes the excitement in the household was reaching its peak!
According to information reaching Riyadh, the feelings in Colombo and Kuala Lumpur too were no less in any way!

Let us recall George Bernard Shaw’s wise quote: “A happy family is but an earlier heaven.” May everyone be blessed with such a luxury! So finally, the expected reunion took place and the first day of celebration was at the Friday family brunch at their grandpa’s former workplace, InterContinental Riyadh.

As always done the Swiss Chef Heinz was at his very best with the help of his Sri Lankan Sous Chef Kodagoda in providing a delicious varieties of preparation. Chef Heinz has already created a big impression in the hospitality trade, in Riyadh.

Saadiq and his immediate assistant and the serving staff were displaying their very best from what they learned in their training classes and from the experience they have acquired.

No wonder why InterCon’s Al Bustan restaurant draws such large crowd on every Friday – the answer is obvious: delicious food and excellent service.

A survey in side our vehicle on our way back home received full marks from everyone, including the second grader!

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Excitement running high in all households!
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