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Indian National arrested photographing Military and Naval installations in Nchchikuddah

By K.T.Rajasingham
Colombo, 26 December, (

S. Sritharan, TNA MP for Kilinochchi has been left off the hook, while one of the Indian Journalist for whom he provided transport facilities in his vehicle was arrested for flouting immigration laws, photographing Army and Naval installations in Nachchikudah police region, located in the western costal border of the Pooeryn area in the North.

According to a police source, Sritharan was taking a group of people in his vehicle and one of them was a journalist from India, who is in Sri Lanka on a visit visa.

The alleged journalist was seen photographing military and naval installations in the Nachchikuddah police area and also he was alleged to be photographing the movements of the military personnel in the area.

Asian Tribune learnt that military personnel whom the Indian Journalist was photographing, brought to the incident to the Nachchikuddah police and the Police arrested the Journalist , in the company of Sritharan MP and a group of other persons.

The Police found a camera in possession of the Indian Journalist and found that he has taken photos of military and naval installations in Nachchikuddah and also taken pictures of the movements of military personnel.

Police found out that he was an Indian national claimed to be a journalist from Junior Vikatan, a Tamil Language published two times in a week, in Sri Lanka on a visit visa.

Investigation revealed he is one Thamil Prabhakaran from Dharmapuram, Tamil Nadu, aged 24 years and arrived on a visit visa to Sri Lanka on 21st December and holds an Indian passport bearing number K619374.

Nachchikuddah police took him into custody at Kiranchi for violating visa regulations and produced him before the magistrate and expected to be deported soon to India.

While taking into custody the Indian national, Asian Tribune learnt that the police has left Sritharan MP off the hook, the person who transported the alleged visa violator.

In the meantime TNA Parliamentarian Sritharan when speaking to BBC Tamil service told that the arrested Indian national as his friend and he was travelling with the group of people to name a few the Northern Provincial Council councilors Pasupathipillai, Thayaparan and others and travelled along with them when he went to Veravil, Valaipadu, Kiranchi, Jayapuram in the Kilinochchi district.

Sritharan said he was going to those places to meet the people in those areas and inquire about their problems.

He said that they have not gone to those areas where military installations were located.

The TNA Parliamentarian further said that the arrested Indian national as his friend and he has earlier also visited Sri Lanka.

- Asian Tribune -

S. Sritharan the TNA  MP for Kilinochchi has been left off the hook
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