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Aliens are already living among us: former Canadian defence minister says so

Hemantha Abeywardena writes from London…

It seems to be fairly coincidental that a pilot of a British Airways A32O airbus reporting a close encounter with a UFO – Unidentified Flying Object – near Heathrow Airport, the world’s busiest airport, during the day and the disclosure of a fact by a former Canadian defence minister that aliens are already among us, this week , through two different channels.

The pilot had reported that he took evasive action when the UFO started heading towards the jet at 34000ft, just 20 miles away from Heathrow Airport – and then slipped past the passenger jet just a few feet away. He had been convinced by then that the alien craft was going to crash into his jet; he described the UFO as something in the shape of a rugby ball with a metallic exterior.

An official investigation, which had been launched into the incident, never questioned the rationale of the complaint of the pilot. Having analysed the radar data – both civilian and military - and ruling out the possibility of the presence of weather balloons at such a height, the incident of this nature is often classified as unexplained by the authorities until, of course, a similar one grabs headlines.

The story got another kink this week when Paul Hellyer, 90, the former defence minister of Canada, went to an extraordinary length by defying the accepted military taboo to declare that the alien are already working for us, in an interview with the RT, the Russian TV channel. He says it is as true as an aircraft flying over us.

According to Mr Hellyer, there are about 80 alien species living among us, a fascinating fact, which makes us looking around to spot them in a crowd out of curiosity, even if the individual in question feels uneasy owing to simultaneous stares from many corners. Mr Hellyer sheds some light on the nature of these beings: they can be short greys, the tall whites and the Nordic blondes, Mr Hellyer says.

There is a rapid increase in the reported sightings of UFO in recent months, both by UFO enthusiasts and ordinary folks. In that context, the claim by somebody that aliens are visiting our battered planet does not sound strange. When the person in question, however, happened to be the former Canadian Defence Minister – a former leading figure in the NATO - the news is never short of the ingredients to arouse shock and awe among the ordinary people.

Mr Hellyer went on to say that aliens are mostly benign and want to help us get out of our miseries. Some are mischievous, though, warned the former military man. Mr Hellyer explains why the aliens do not want to share high technology with us: because, we are destroying our planet with what we already have – pollution and the thermonuclear bombs.

The interview reached its climax, when Mr Hellyer quite boldly claimed that some aliens are already working for the US military in Nevada. Then, in the same breath, he said that recently two female aliens visited a supermarket in Las Vegas incognito as nuns. Mr Hellyer says the two aliens got away with their stunt.

When asked about his own personal experience with the aliens, he described how he and his wife spotted a UFO in the Canadian skies while living in a cottage near Toronto. He said that the same UFO appeared on two successive days for well over 20 minutes, before disappearing at, what he termed as, astonishing speed.

There was some consolation for the concerned earthlings, though. Mr Hellyer is convinced that aliens are fully aware that this is our planet and we have every right to decide how to run it; they are not hell bent on interfering with that mechanism. If, however, we ask for help, the aliens are more than willing to help us to alleviate our troubles.

The interview of Paul Hellyer with RT comes at a time when the enthusiasm for the UFO is growing much faster than any time before. The progress made in technology, the internet and social networks have been playing a major role in the phenomenon, while making the lives of sceptics a bit more uneasy, often the scientists.

In this case, it is somewhat unfair, though. The scientists have not completely ruled out the presence of UFO as fantasy. On the contrary, they are as keen as the UFO enthusiasts to establish the facts, before taking a stand on the issue.

SETI – Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence – is a project that has been launched for the same purpose. The project is analysing the signals collected by very sophisticated equipment to check whether they have originated from places outside our solar system. A few months ago, the scientists who work on the project admitted the arrival of a mysterious signal which cannot be accounted for. It is currently under intense investigation.

Meanwhile, the cryptic messages left behind in the crop circle formations are still baffling both the scientists and the laymen alike. In addition, there are well-authenticated stories about alien abductions. Mr Hellyer also referred to some abductions carried out by the aliens – to a moon of the Saturn by the process of teleportation.

Ancient Aliens, the popular television programme by History Channel, is also stirring up the constructive role played by the aliens in the quantum leaps of our technological progress over the centuries, with which Mr Hellyer fully agrees.

The appearance of strange human beings among crowds in time travel photographs and videos, while defying the period they used to live in, adds a new twist to fact that the aliens are already among us. The frame, in which a woman talking on what appears to be a mobile device in one of Charlie Chaplin movies, for instance, is quite intriguing, as the possibility of it being tampered with is very low.

Surprisingly, Mr Hellyer’s opinion has not been ridiculed or challenged by any famous figure – military or scientific – so far. His bold move, on the other hand, may be an impetus for those who are in the similar situation owing to their past careers to come forward without hesitation to make their claims without fear.

Until then, we, the ordinary folks, have to be on the lookout for the aliens in our midst among us, just to appease our curiosity. In silent hours, I began to wonder how to resist the temptation to thoroughly scan a leggy Nordic Blonde, while elevating a random glance into a full-blown stare, next time when one of them walks past me – just to check any sign of alien chemistry in her persona.

- Asian Tribune -

Aliens are already living among us: former Canadian defence minister says so
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