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Nevada clergy endorses Hindu chaplain Zed for prestigious award

Nevada, 08 September, ( Nevada Clergy Association has recommended famous Hindu chaplain of Nevada, Rajan Zed, for Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award, the most prestigious award presented by President of India to eminent overseas Indians.

Rajan Zed read the historical first Hindu prayer in United States Senate in Washington DC in July last since its formation in 1789.

In a letter to Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs in New Delhi, Reverend Gene Savoy Jr., President of the Association, wrote, "…Zed has done a lot of work in the area of interfaith dialogue in northwestern Nevada and adjoining California…He goes beyond his own faith tradition to serve the larger community of various religions and works to bring all the religious traditions together for common causes of social and economic development, freedom and human rights, peace-making and peace-keeping, etc. He creates an atmosphere of mutual understanding and mutual trust, which makes the dialogue between various traditions very smooth and effective…"

Nevada Clergy Association is composed of priests/pastors/ministers/etc. of Christian (various denominations), Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Bahai, Native American, etc., religions in Nevada state of United States of America (USA).

Some other organizations have already recommended Rajan Zed for this Award, including Prayer and Peace Circle, India Heritage Panel, etc. Washoe County presented him a resolution recognizing and commending for his dedication to the citizens of the county.

Zed was given Award of Excellence by Hindu Sangathan Diwas Committee at New York Ganesha Temple and the plaque said, "in recognition of selfless and invaluable service to Hindu Sanatan Dharma and Hindus in America".

City of Reno issued him a proclamation during the City Council meeting and presented him with a plaque, while Reno Police Chief, Michael Poehlman, gave him "Chief's Certificate of Commendation" to recognize his good works in "promoting peace and tranquility for all, regardless of race or faith" and to commend him for continuing his work in promoting interfaith dialogue. Sri Siva Vishnu Temple of Lanham, Maryland, invited and honored Zed on July 12 evening after the Senate feat. Various other organizations in USA and India are planning to honor him.

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