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Global Warming and Tsunami

By Oscar E V Fernando

That ecology is a burning issue affecting the whole world, as atmospheric pollution and poisoned water do not have frontiers and therefore need no visa to enter other countries, was a concluding remark at a recent global seminar on environment.

Protection and preservation of the environment; promotion of sustainable development-meaning fulfilling human needs with an eye on an indefinite future; attention to climatic change, have all become matters of concern to humanity for its own survival, and for the survival of those yet unborn.

The ecological affinity of the pristine environment to human beings is exemplified in the compelling desire to be with nature; hence is the trek to the mountainous regions to feel melted with it and to the wilds to feel and be a part of its bio-diversity. But scientists point out that haphazard treatment of the environment has brought with it impending crises, such as;

Global warming, caused by industrial emissions of carbon dioxide Co2 and other gases, that have melted ice caps and mountain glaciers causing an increase in sea levels, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis in quick succession.

They have warned all nations that it will increase in severance if steps are not taken to arrest further wanton damage to the ecology.

What is described by scientist as greenhouse effect is caused by natural emissions of CO2, water vapor and other trace gases that absorb the heat emanating from the sun thus preventing part of it radiating to the lower atmosphere; this maintains normal atmospheric temperature: on the other hand they say;

Massive combustion of coal oil and other fossil fuels by unbridled human activities destabilizes this balance resulting in changing the configuration of ocean and wind currents that have been stable for several centuries past; more such emissions would change the relationship between the earth and the sun causing these emissions to be absorbed into the oceans resulting in destabilizing the life of sea creatures and in formation of corals that protect the sea bed.

Scientists expect present levels of CO2 to exceed pre-industrial revolution levels from 75-350% by the end of the 21st century and this factor has over the last twenty five years increased the surface temperature-causing the presently seen havoc all over the world.

In a similar manner that a giant asteroid wiped out dinosaurs 65 million years ago, global warming, caused by emission of fossil fuel gases together with cutting and burning of forests, is now resulting in the loss of living species-this time caused by uncontrolled human activities spurred by the glamour of high and selfish living!

The impending crisis is undoubted-but-it would appear that some world leaders do not want to listen to this truth and therefore ignore the warnings of scientists; reportedly some of them have even gone to the extent of manipulating scientific findings-perhaps for political and monetary gain; the consequences are obviously harmful to all living creatures!

We have just ten years to avert a major catastrophe that could end up in destruction involving extreme weather, floods, droughts, epidemics, tsunamis and killer heat waves, says scientists: why wait for further predictions by astrologers, aren’t we facing these already?

Humanity is surely sitting on a ticking bomb due to the greed of some who stubbornly refuse to follow Ordained Rules of Nature!

There is hope!

Reportedly, engines that do not pollute could be built; sun and the wind can be harnessed for production; coal resources could be used without heating the planet: amidst various obstacles, investors have already commenced activities that have resulted in cutting emissions of what is called, heat-trapping gases, thus making way for a clean energy future.

Shouldn’t sustainable, meaning regulated development of the earth’s resources be pursued to protect and preserve the environment?

It would seem that whilst some industrial magnates supported by right wing political and media groups down play the risks of climate change, environmentalists, left wing political groups and their supportive media have launched campaigns emphasizing the risks: in an impending catastrophe that would lead to mutual destruction of all, such frivolous controversies seem ironic to say the least!

Adding to the melee of global warming, presently contributed to by industrialized nations, is the debate as to the extent India and China are contributing to it by unbridled industrial expansion-perhaps a convenient excuse to postpone solutions so as to continue with profit margins in business!

Reportedly China is poised to exceed US within the next few years in the race for destructive and wanton global warming-so much for a military coerced economy of the past-a past some in Sri Lanka are still wallowing in!!

Former US Vice President Al Gore who is now an exponent of theories to arrest further global warming says-it certainly goes beyond science to a search for a better way of life, a search for the common good of humanity-a search for an altruistic way of living.

This truly is a search and more, a challenge, basically for economic production from earth’s resources for sustenance of humanity-sans the element of greed in unbridled capitalism, and sans state military coercion.

Shouldn’t this be pitted against regulated private enterprise that goes to preserve individual freedom, restrict its greed and most of all contribute to promote and preserve the ecology with sustainable development?

Would global warming be a global warning!?

- Asian Tribune -

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