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Another "LLRC" Type Investigation Needed Urgently

By Ira de Silva, London, Canada

Another LLRC type investigation is needed urgently is the view of many Sri Lankans in Sri Lanka and overseas. India abstained from voting against Sri Lanka possibly because in the past two months, when Sri Lankans were aware that India would not support Sri Lanka because of it's domestic politics which has been the driving force of India's foreign policy on Sri Lanka, there were many articles and comment in the Sri Lankan media that exposed India's as well as the western countries hypocrisy in claiming concern for Sri Lankans safety and security when throughout the heyday of LTTE terrorism they did not say or do anything to help Sri Lankans. India at the last moment realized that this intrusive, country specific resolution was establishing a precedent and could be used against even the mighty India, hence the abstention.

Sri Lanka has every right to refuse co-operation with this resolution because the Human Rights Council has no mandate to conduct such investigations as stated by Sri Lanka's representative in Geneva. He clearly stated that "the resolution and it's content which calls for an international investigation on Sri Lanka is a serious breach of international law and a grave threat to the sovereign independence of the states in the U.N.". If that is the case, as this resolution is a breach of international law and threatens the sovereign independence of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka has the right to reject this illegal resolution.

Everyone knows that the U.S. has no qualms when it breaches international law by invading countries, killing thousands, displacing millions, creating chaos and retreating so that they can concentrate on the next country to destabilize or invade. There is definitely no responsibility, transparency or accountability when the U.S. and it's lackeys in the E.U. and U.K. breach international law and commit gross violations of human rights to further their own political interests. The U.S. has been interfering in the day to day lives of Sri Lankans with the sole purpose of undermining the GOSL. It is their usual action to effect regime change. It is therefore no surprise that the U.S. ambassador in Sri Lanka has lost no time in asking Sri Lanka to cooperate with the resolution believing that Sri Lankans are so gullible that they will believe that it is their interests that the U.S. is promoting. As for the Indian envoy's claim that India was "never against Sri Lanka" is just a sick joke.

Thousands in Sri Lanka were killed and terrorised because of India's "friendship". It is time that Sri Lankans and the GOSL inform the U.S. and their western lackeys that they know their "concern" is a lie. Silence and calling them friends has not worked. It has been used to suppress and endanger the country. These international bullies need it spelled out in plain language. The only co-operation from Sri Lanka should be to curtail the interference by the U.S. and India in the internal matters of Sri Lanka which they consider a "colony" and for the GOSL to adopt an immediate plan to acknowledge and stop this interference. If, as the president claims, he is going to reject external, intrusive, investigations which will surely not be ethical or fair and written by known anti-Sri Lanka stooges as in the case of the Darusman Report, or by the openly biased, vindictive current Commissioner, it is imperative that he immediately establish an internal mechanism to cover the thirty years of the war including all the individuals and countries that funded and supported LTTE terrorism. He does not have time to waste as it appears the LTTE is once again trying to revive terrorism and has the support of these same countries and their citizens who support the LTTE.

For Sri Lanka to remain an undivided, independent and sovereign state, the suggestion of another LLRC is the best way forward. The people of Sri Lanka and the GOSL who do not want a return to LTTE terrorism, have to recognize the threats couched in resolutions and bogus claims of concern to come together to ensure that the future will be a united, peaceful country rather than a divided country and a terrorised population as hoped for by the architects of the resolution of March 27,2014. When the LTTE was just getting organized, inaction by Sri Lanka's leaders in the past paved the way for the LTTE to grow into a formidable terrorist force. Sri Lankans hope that this mistake will not be repeated by the current administration to the detriment of the country and it's people.

- Asian Tribune -

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