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A disaster in the making

By S.H.Moulana - Riyadh

Former Israeli prime- minister, late Menachem Begin was the cause for the destruction of Iraqi reactor in 1981.

Now, three decades later, the present prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, who is being viewed a ‘liar’ internationally, is planning to attack the Iranian nuclear facility.

He has already predicted the estimated civilian casualty figure, which will be just under 500.

He does not realize what a disaster this attack is going to cause not only to Iran but to the region and even Israel itself.

If we were to go by the views expressed by the Israeli media, the ordinary Israelis are living in mortal fear because of this threatened attack and the ultimate outcome.

A view expressed by one of the leading columnist in Israel says that ‘Israel is thus being led into its confrontation with Iran not by the world’s ‘friend’, but someone who has made himself loathed both in Israel and abroad as an anti-democratic ‘liar’.

Chamberlain was tossed out by his colleagues at the last minute, once his strategic error became clear.

If Israel wants to continue existing, Netanyahu must suffer a similar fate and he must be toppled before the clouds clear.’

Any way it is an accepted fact that Israel lives on war and it fears peace with either Palestinians or its neighbors.

It invites a lot of sympathy from the West by playing its usual ‘victim’ role, despite being the oppressor in reality. Former French Sarkozy and Obama have realized this of Netanyahu, in one of their private conversations and when will the others do?

Where are those who made a huge hue and cry about Russia about its threat to annex Crimea with the consent of its population?

What do they say about Israeli occupation of Palestinian land for well over six decades?

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