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New Year - ‘Jaya Varudam,’ not that conducive to Sri Lanka

Colombo, 15 April, (

Generally the political situation in the country will not be conducive. Instability and dissension might exist.

‘Thiruganita’ Panchangam when describing about the dawn of the new year – Jaya Varudam, predicts that peace would be put to test throughout this new year.

In the prediction regarding the Jaya Varudam – Thiruganita Panchangam predicts that peace will not prevail in the country and there are chances of numerous vehicle accidents, robberies and thefts prevalent throughout this year.

According to Thiruganita Panchangam the new year dawned at 07.36 on 14th September on Aries zodiac symbol.

Thiruganita Panchangam is basically a Tamil Astrological Almanac, calculated according to Tamil Thiru Kanitha Panchangam method described in Tamil Astrology.

Tamil Panchangam is geographically specific, converting the time zone is no use, because of factors such as Sun rise, Sun set, Moon's degree, etc differs according to the geographical coordinates.

Panchangam means “pancha” (five) and “anga” (elements).

These five elements are: Vaar (Day), Tithi (Date), Nakshatra (Star), Yoga, and Karana (Half-Tithis).

This is what is known as panchangam, panchangamu, panchang, jantri and various other names.

Panchangam is used for knowing these five characteristics of time for Sankalpa, locating dates for Viratham and finding Nalla neram -Suba neram (suitable date and time for auspicious functions).

A modern panchangam also lists the daily planetary positions.

Thiruganita Panchangam is prepared, printed and published by S. Sethambaranatha Kurukkal of Chavakachcheri where as Vakkiya Panchangam is prepared, printed and published by V.Ragunathaiyer of Kokkuvil.

Most people will cast horoscope using ThiruganitaPpanchangam.

For festivals normally people use Vakyam because it is said to be divine.

It is understood that the formulae used in Vakyam are very old and known to Rishis at that time. If one use them for festivals then one would tend to get error.

They say because thithis are apratyaksha (non-visible) and that's why have to use Vakyam or Surya Siddhanta. But if Full moon (Purnima) and the New moon (Amavasya) is the real thing and visible then why to use Pambu / Vvakyam / Surya Siddhanta panchanga saying tithis and nakshatras are non-visible?
Hence many people always use drika panchangam (Thiruganita panchangam).

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  New Year -  ‘Jaya Varudam,’  not  that  conducive to Sri Lanka
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