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Police warned of the impending threat to peace and normalcy in the Ilavalai Police Area

Colombo, 13 June, (

One of the Plaintiffs - Mr. K.T.Rajasingham in the Konawattai Narasimha Vairavar Temple case, which concluded on 11th at the Mallakam Magistrate Courts has forewarned of the impending threat to peace and normalcy of the Valikamam North region, especially the Ilavalai Police area.

He had contacted Senior DIG of the Northern Province Mr. Pujitha Jayasundera on this subject and met with Mr. Nilantha Jayawardena, SSP attached to Senior DIG’s office and told of the impending threat to peace and normalcy in the region and urged the Police to take appropriate measures against the Temple Authorities of the Kownawatta Temple who were determined to conduct Velevi – rituals animal sacrifices on the 14th June, circumventing to judgment of the Mallakam Magistrate.

In the meantime, the President of the Kownawatte Narasimha Vairavar Temple Mr. P.Rajenthiran has informed the local press that they have received the required license under Butchers Ordinance from the Vali North Pradesha Sabaha.

Already, on the 9th of this month, Attorney – at- Law Mr. Suntharalingham who represented the Temple Authorities, told the Mallakam Magistrate during the trial that they have received the License from the Vali North Pradesha Sabah to conduct the Valevi on this 14th.

Even the Mallakam Magistrate when delivering her judgment made reference about the License issued by the Vali North Predasha Sabah, which was revealed by the Attorney represented the Temple Authorities and told in her judgment that Kownawatta Temple Authorities should have License under Section 4 of the Butchers Ordinance.

A butchers License under section 4 would have been published in the Government Gazette and in case the Temple Authorities failed to produce license issued under this section and the gazette notification, would results in Police taking action to stop the rituals of the animal sacrifice on 14th June at Kownawatte Temple.

Also it is understood animals to be slaughtered would be transported in vehicles and it is an offence to transport animals in vehicle without proper licenses and Police are expected take action against such violations.

Asian Tribune learnt that Vali North Pradesha Sabah urgently met yesterday - on the Poson Full Moon Day – issued the License backdating to slaughter animals at the Kownawatte Temple on 14th.

It was unclear why the Pradesha Sabah was so adamant in issuing a license to slaughter animals to a temple?

Furthermore it is still unclear under what section of the Butchers Ordinance the said license was issued to the Temple.

Mallakam Magistrate has categorically insisted that the Temple Authorities should have License under section 4 of the Butchers ordinance.

As the OIC Ilavalai Police has been instructed by the Mallakam Magistrate to check whether the Temple Authorities follow strictly the conditions set out in the Judgement.

It is learnt that OIC Illavalai Police would obtain the certified copy of the Judgement of Mallakam Magistrate this morning and would take all precaution to ensure peace and normalcy in the Ilavalai Police area.

- Asian Tribune -

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