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Post-mortem on Tamilselvan

By Gomin Dayasiri

The move to present Suppiah Tamilselvan, a sharp shooter trained in the art of killing, as a man of peace is being exposed as the latest propaganda ploy of the Tamil Tigers.

Another controversy surrounding him states that his death was engineered by Prabhakaran. Some Indian commentators are now questioning whether the Sri Lankan Air Force really got him in his bunker.

Other commentators too have noted that Prabhakaran is shedding copious tears over Tamiselvan publicly to cover-up his guilt.

But the focus now is on exposing Tamilselvan’s role in the Tiger outfit.

The following description of his role was written by Gomin Dayasiri, a leading lawyer who was a participant at the talks in Geneva where Tamilselvan walked out of the last round of talk’s flimsy excuses. Dayasir writes:

“No baby face but a killer with a smile that never vanished; killed many friends and foes with the same permanent grin. A terrorist who walked to the negotiation table well groomed in coat and tie picked on the streets of Oslo; carrying a walking stick not for sartorial elegance but for a physical infirmity.

If Balasingham pretended to be Godfather and posed as “London Bala”; the fake squire who spoke English fluently with a ‘white wife’ on display more to seek oneness with westerners- could never overcome the feeling of inferiority of having being a translator at the British High Commission-so imperial that he probably hummed “Rule Britannia’ in the bathroom; Tamilchelvam was the head boy among the boys, proud of his position in Killinochchi, always in the company of his contingent to drive them relentlessly, ate like the Jaffna man at table speaking in Tamil and obviously did not take strong drinks by himself in the bedroom like his predecessor. He appeared to be disciplined and dedicated to his cause, however evil.

Balasingham spoke crudely both for his organization and for himself. Tamilchelvan spoke politely only for his organization on a script prepared by his mentor in hiding. A communicator in the form of a reader. He was not searching to be a legend, so obviously he was the superior negotiator. He was a captain cool with out showmanship with an eye on the target. Saw him at his proper best with the young girls from human rights organizations-they could talk tall in having dined with a terrorist! To a human rights activist that is a ticket to their kind of ethical nirvana.

He is replaceable but not to a sparse organization of dwindling numbers, where loyalty carries the highest premium. A man of war now rests in peace. Many died in vain for a few to gain,” wrote Dayasiri.

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