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Tiger Human Shields Revisited

By Rohan Gajadeera

"Truth is rarely writ in ink; it lives in nature" -Martin H. Fischer-

When going through certain images issued by the tigers, I was lucky enough to get hold of an image that took the attention straight away. Even though Vakarai has been rescued by Security Forces months ago, it is still important to get the message of what exactly the tigers did to the innocent Tamil civilians who lived under terror grip for a long time.

This image quite rightly exposes the cruelty of Prabha and his men. The picture depicts innocent civilians digging trenches in Vakarai area. Tigers published this in order to tell the world that due to the military offensives that were aimed at targeting the innocent civilians; they (the civilians) were compelled to dig trenches to find a safe place to avoid artillery shells falling onto them.

A person who has seen World War I and II films will tell the difference between a "trench" and a "bunker. If the tigers at that time wanted to provide safe artillery shelter for civilians, they should have put up bunkers but not trenches. It is said that trenches are used primarily to connect vital points in an established military zone in order to use as a communication passage and also as a cover to protect from direct fire, but very rarely against artillery shells. Even the militaries around the world seek shelters in well built bunkers when they are alarmed of enemy artillery or mortar fire, but not the trenches.

Tigers digging  trenchesTigers digging trenches

This image speaks of nothing but how tigers forced civilians to dig trenches in Vakarai area in order to be used for their operations while at certain stages even forced the civilians to take cover in these trenches instead of directing them to a properly constructed bunker. Well that's how the tigers the so called 'protectors of Tamil civilians' took care of helpless.

Those who are talking against human right violations of the Security Forces failed to highlight the mass scale such infringements of tigers at that stage. Ironically, tigers even gave evidence to prove that they were using humans as shields and they do not spare even a pregnant mother in that case.

If one thinks that this pregnant mother is only posing for a tiger photo, well it is not. Tigers actually forced the civilians to work for them especially when they knew that time was running too short for them. As a tactic they placed these civilians in and around these trenches and send the message to the Army so that the tigers can buy time to plan their withdrawal and to avoid artillery and air strikes in their hide outs as they (Tigers) knew that Security Forces will not fire at civilians.

- Asian Tribune -

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