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My Country Which I do not Know

By Aravinthan Santhakumar

Translation: Bhikkhu Mandawala Pannawansa Thero

I am your child though you have never seen me,

In conflict with yourself, you let me flee.

What you have transmitted to me is your skin color,

Your rites & your rituals of which I am so proud.

Everything that I love in me is what comes from you.

Being more beautiful than the “l’île de beauté”, men are fighting for you.

I miss your warmth, your gentleness awfully,

Nevertheless, I will come one day to live with you,

Because I did not chose to live away from you.

If it happens, I will be the luckiest child in the world,

And I would feel to have found a mother.

I have been waiting for this moment since my birth…

The day I tread the land of my ancestors,

By looking at you, Oh Sri Lanka, my motherland,

Waiting for this day will be, I believe, my unique raison d’être.

Then only will my nostalgia come to an end

This short poem was written by a teenage Tamil child born in France. It has been translated into Sinhala & English. When we read this nostalgic poem we can see how it is difficult to be detached & away from one’s motherland!

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