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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 111

The Boston Globe - In favor of Tigers

By Rohan Gajadeera

"The Boston Globe's" editorial on 14 November under the heading "Violence drags on in Sri Lanka" is indeed a well-done comment on behalf of the tigers. As one should not be much worried about the stance "The Boston Globe" has taken regarding the issue in Sri Lanka, it is important to state that, Boston is a place where pro tiger Tamil Diaspora is gathered to a higher degree. In this backdrop, one cannot expect anything positive to come out explaining the true causes for the present conflict and the effort that Sri Lanka is taking with the help of few global leaders and some Asian leaders in order to find solutions.

"The Boston Globe" seems very much agitated over the killings of over 60 Tamil tiger terrorist in the North by the Security Forces last week. Security Forces so far have not boasted on their operations against the tiger terrorists. When the Security Forces mark a victory, such needed to be given publicity for obvious reasons, as many foreign journalists who are working here in Sri Lanka as well as tiger media entities in various countries including Boston, will twist the story to make the International Community think that there is no difference between Sudan, Myanmar or Pakistan. Generally, they avoid comparing the situation here that to Iraq for understandable reasons. In the referred incident, Security Forces obtained the number of tigers killed after intercepting tiger communications.

Many have argued over calling the tigers as "Rebels" while very few as "Terrorists". It is true that one's terrorist can well be someone else's Rebel or a freedom fighter. In this case, "The Boston Globe" is comfortable in calling the tigers as rebels. For the same "Boston Globe" the wording would have been different if Sri Lanka is fighting against Al Qaeda. On the other hand, by naming Tamilselvan as "tiger's lead peace negotiator", "The Boston Globe" not only stands alone with the statement of the tiger leader but also neglects the terror activities carried out by the so-called "lead peace negotiator" here in Sri Lanka. This is once again due to the influence that the pro tiger Tamil Diaspora in Boston have created over "the Boston Globe".

If some one from "The Boston Globe" can visit Sri Lanka he will see that a majority of Tamils conducting successful businesses in Colombo, over the so-called majority Sinhalese community. In Sri Lanka, there is no issue of majority controlling the minority as in many other countries including that of Boston where the color of the skin taken as a principal measurement to divide the community and so on. Sri Lanka has learned from the mistakes in the past. This conflict in any way is not about an ethnic clash, but is only about fighting against tiger terrorism in order to bring peace and harmony to the Tamils, Muslims and Sinhalese.

When it comes to the issue of Human Right violations by the Security Forces, we have clearly seen that this is a LTTE ploy, which initiated through its propaganda network to confront Security Forces over media when they (tigers) are facing defeats over land, sea and air. The Government and Security Forces have taken necessary action on the matter and one should note that here in Sri Lanka the military does not run torture chambers or does not train soldiers on torture tactics like many western countries do. I hope "The Boston Globe" is very much aware of these facts.

The Human Rights Watch, an American based organization along with the Amnesty International asked the US to suspend military aid to Pakistan recently. Well, if HRW asks the same to implement against Sri Lanka, their argument does not stand; as even a child would understand that the situation in Pakistan could not be matched to the Sri Lankan conflict in any case. So far, not a single country has taken note of HRW's report and its recommendations that aimed at Sri Lanka.

The requirement of "United Nations monitoring mission to protect civilians caught in conflict" is a result yet another gambit by the LTTE.

If "The Boston Globe" do have a good idea behind the nature of the conflict in this country (which for sure I know they do not), they will understand that not only Tamils and Muslims but also the majority Sinhalese are suffering as a direct result of tiger terrorism. In no case, the Sri Lankan Security Forces (especially during the past two years) initiate military offensives into tiger held areas. All these operations aimed at providing relief to those innocent civilians mainly the Tamils. That is exactly why these operations have been termed as "Humanitarian Missions".

"The Boston Globe" further went on to carry the tiger version saying that the "Sri Lanka Army has displaced some 300,000 civilians during its current offensives into the Jaffna peninsula…". This statement is can be quoted to prove that The Boston Globe is trying its level best to talk on behalf of the tigers along with a unconditional favor for its terrorism.

Can “the Boston Globe” name a single recent operation that the Army launched in to the Jaffna peninsula? The Army for the last two years has not launched any offensives into the Jaffna peninsula, but has taken necessary actions in defeating tigers who are attempting to infiltrate in to the Jaffna peninsula in order to disturb the day to date activities. In certain occasions, the Army was compelled to capture tiger defence lines to avoid tigers moving their heavy caliber weapons forward where they can then target strategic locations in the Jaffna peninsula.

As per the Government Agent's statistics, the civil population is around 627,000. From where the Boston Globe took the figure 300,000 as the displaced is a question that only Boston Globe itself will be able to answer (for sure they will need to seek the assistance of the tigers in this regard).

"The Boston Globe" further went on to carry the slogans of the tigers by opposing to the recent donation of a maritime surveillance system and inflatable boats to the Sri Lanka Navy by the US Ambassador Mr. Robert O Blake Jr. Hope that The Boston Globe is well aware of the US policy on countering global terrorism. The same "Boston Globe" is now silent over the freezing of TRO assets in US. The world super power has set a clear example regarding their stand on terrorism and now it's up to the rest of the world to follow. If Sri Lanka should not be supported to fight against tiger terrorism by the rest of the world, still Sri Lanka and its Security Forces will be able to fight and eradicate tigers from Sri Lanka, but not from the world.

At the ending note in its editorial, "the Boston Globe" repeats what the tigers made as a demand during the last failed peace talks. The peace dove of the LTTE, made it a condition to discuss the reopening of the A-9 road knowing that the civilians not going to gain anything out of this, but only to make it a point to abandon talks.

The position of the Government has been clear. Terrorism needed to be defeated at first and then to follow by a political solution. A political solution is needed only to find answers to the problems faced by Tamils, Muslims and even the Sinhalese living in this country. Political discussions with a terrorist group who have killed thousands of innocent civilians, political leaders and religious leaders are not required at any stage. Those who know the tiger leader's mentality will agree that even if the Government offers them the Eelam, tigers will continue their terrorist activities.

Today the tigers have gone international and have become a globalize terror out fit like rest of their counterparts. By writing in favor of tigers, "The Boston Globe" including many others who follow the same path will only help the LTTE to further enhance their terrorism not only in Sri Lanka but all over the "Globe".

It is high time that "The Boston Globe" should start thinking globally, as a terrorist in my country at no way can become a saint in your country/state.

- Asian Tribune -

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