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Navy kills seventeen Sea Tigers off Pesalai

Colombo, 24 November, ( Tiger boats launched from Vedithalathivu area reached off Pesalai seas with the intention of carrying out an attack. These boats have fired small arms at the Pesalai Police detachment around 8.00 a.m. on Friday (23 November). Successful naval ground and fleet unit retaliation caused damages and casualties on the fleeing sea tigers.

According to sources, Naval intelligence units have intercepted sea tiger communication which announced the names and official numbers of seventeen cadres who were killed as a result of naval retaliation.

Given nelow the names and numbers of the Sea Tiger Cadres killed according information revealed by the naval sources:

Name & Number

Ramachandran 0027

Kajendran 00462

Elilan 1278

Thamul Priyan 1131

Thangei Murusu 0216

Arichchandran 950

Arun Dewan 1593

Aha Amuda 1112

Puyal Rasai



Thangai Maran

Piyal Rasa

Name not announced 437

Name not announced 1256

Name not announced 492

Name not announced 1480

Naval sources also revealed that the intention of the Sea Tigers would have been to target the naval fleet units patrolling off Thalamannar and Pesalai. The effective sea surveillance carried out by the naval units both on land and in the seas have created a major upset among the tiger cadres stationed in Vedithalathivu area. In this backdrop, tigers are trying hard to keep their last supply route which runs from Vedithalathivu to Tamilnadu coast by trying to launch sea borne attacks on the Navy.

It is also revealed that the Tigers are facing a severe fuel shortage for their sea tiger boats due to the effective search operations carried out especially in Kattupalliya area in Pallimunai as a result of operations on land and sea.

It is reported that due to the Tiger fire, several houses in Pesalai area also have been damaged.

Tigers have effectively used the shield of fishing clusters off Pesalai area to both reach closer to the coast and also to withdraw to Vedithalathivu area. Both local and the Indian fishermen have been harassed by the Sea Tigers since the inception of the Sea Tiger unit in the eighties.

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