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Latifah: 'Queen of the kitchen’

By S.H.Moulana - Riyadh

I am sure that many of the readers, at first sight, would think that this is something to do with the American singer, songwriter, rapper and actress Queen Latifah, who gave us one of her evergreen numbers, ‘Just another day!’

But this is about none other than our own Latifah, whom we call 'the queen of the kitchen’ not just for another day but every day!

Being from the south of Sri Lanka, she has mastered all the dishes treasured by the Sinhalese and Muslims of that part of the island.

It is a well-known fact that none can beat the southern spicy dishes, including ‘Bala malu embulthiyala’, ‘Acharu’, ‘Biryani’ the sweet dish ‘Wattalapang’ and many other mouthwatering dishes.

Latifah has a very good knowledge about Middle Eastern dishes too, having worked in the gulf. She can serve you ‘Kabsa’, ‘Fattoush’ and even the favorite sweet dish ‘Umm Ali’, which has become a hot favorite of our Sri Lankan ambassador in Riyadh, who is being posted to Nairobi now.

Latifah is an all-rounder by all means; in no time she can turn out a fabulous breakfast table for you, with your traditional Sri Lankan favorites like ‘Pittu’, ‘String Hoppers’ and even ‘Kiribath’. She can delight you even with Tamil Nadu dishes like Iddly, Thosai and Sambar etc.

She is a cook who believes only in the best and as such she insists that she should be always provided with quality food items and very especially high quality spices. One will not feel sorry for the trouble one takes to provide her these since the end result will be really worthwhile and sometimes amazing!

Many guests who visited us and had meals with us have never failed to ask us at the end; ‘Who cooked these?’ I remember, when I was there last, on vacation, what a delicious curry she made out of the crabs we brought from the fish market. She loves to see the dishes are well garnished, to attract the guests!

So, undoubtedly, Latifah remains the undisputed'queen of the kitchen’ for the admiration of my family as well as my friends, in Colombo!

Latifah, carry on your good work! Bon apetite.

- Asian Tribune -

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