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Blair: Where are you?

By S.H.Moulana - Riyadh

Has anyone heard anything from the Middle East Peace Envoy, Tony Blair, on the ongoing onslaught on Gaza by Israel?

We heard so many world leaders including the Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki Moon making symbolic statements but none from the man who was directly responsible to bring peace to Middle East.

The agitation made by the diplomats for his dismissal from the post he is currently holding is amply justified. Every slogan comes out time to time ridiculing this man Blair is admired and appreciated, the latest one being; ‘Blair lied and thousands died’ – this is in relation to the Iraq war. We all know that one to vehemently oppose the Hamas – Fatah unity was the Israeli prime-minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Now on Gaza issue he says he couldn’t talk to Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas because he didn’t represent Hamas. Then when Abbas formed a unity government, Netanyahu said he couldn’t talk to Abbas because he had unified himself with the ‘terrorist’ Hamas. Now he says he can only talk to him if he breaks with Hamas – even though he won’t then represent Hamas. In the meantime, I feel, it is absolutely futile on the part of Hamas to involve in a clash with Israel with only some home-made harmless rockets.

The fact remains that it is Israel which has the tanks, bombers, artillery, nuclear warheads and missile defenses.

During the 2008 Israeli invasion of Gaza the score was 1100 Palestinian deaths to 13 Israeli deaths and now so far more than 100 Palestinians dead as against zero from Israeli side. It is reported nearly 30 of the Palestinian deaths were children.

All these in addition to many hundreds injured and destruction caused to hospitals, schools and personal properties in Gaza.

Can anyone please locate where Tony Blair is now?

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Blair: Where are you?
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