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An emotional Palestinian friend

By S.H.Moulana - Riyadh

After reading my comments in my article, ‘Blair: Where are you?’ (12 July), where I expressed my candid view that Hamas should not lock horns with Israel with only some homemade harmless rockets in its arsenal, a very close Palestinian friend called me to tell me that I was wrong in that.

He went on to say that Palestine is our land which is now being occupied by settlers emigrated from Europe, including the Israeli prime-minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and to get our land back we will fight even with stone and stick.

We would not mind what it is going to cost us and how many of us will be killed by our brutal enemy, the Zionists.

Had Nelson Mandela opted to live under the white minority rule, the oppressed black people of South Africa will be still living under the tyranny of white apartheid rule.

You got to ask a Palestinian how he really feels to lose his land and all his possessions and being made a refugee in his own ancestral land. So, who cares that we are fighting an enemy better equipped and at that a nuclear power?

We will keep fighting until we restore our dignity in our own land. He said that the Palestinians have lost confidence in the UN, the quartet and that hypocrite, Middle East Peace Envoy, whoever he is.

I could not dispute a word he uttered and I just remained a silent listener.

At the end I only promised him that I will definitely see that his views made known to all those who read my letter, ‘Where is Blair?’

Has anyone got the courage to refute my Palestinian friend’s arguments?

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An emotional Palestinian friend
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