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A never ending indoor Test match!

By S.H.Moulana - Riyadh

The feud between the mothers and daughters-in-law is compared to a never ending indoor Test match and it is hard to predict the ultimate result.

I read the news report about the release of a new book, 'The Mother-in-Law', with great interest.

However, I believe the feud between mothers and daughters-in-law is not restricted to the subcontinent, although it is in plenty and severe there.

Yes, it is also true in that part of the world it existed even in high places.

Young Indian women, it is said, fear and loathe the mothers-in-law. Soap operas showcase her iron-fisted rule and sociologists spend hours debating the torment she is accused of unleashing across the country.

Mothers-in-law have long been demonized and parodied all over the world. But they have an especially fearsome reputation in India, where stories of bitter and abusive struggles with their daughters-in-law abound.

This feud has existed even among the educated and in high places too!

It was reported, I recollect, moments before he lit his mother’s funeral pyre, Indra Gandhi’s son and successor Rajiv Gandhi looked out over the sea of mourners and saw a figure standing below the platform.

Excluded from the party of family mourners, his sister-in-law, Maneka, was paying her respect among strangers. The snub was no surprise.

For the previous four years Maneka, the widow of Rajiv’s brother Sanjay had bitterly feuded with her mother-in-law, Indra Gandhi.

So this proves that this traditional ‘rivalry’ did neither leave the educated nor those in high places.

The American comedian, Les Dawson once said ‘The only thing more intimidating than a huge international film star is your mother-in-law.’ But to be fair by the kind ones, who are equally good as mothers, one cannot generalize all mothers-in-law.

According to the newly released book, relationships between mothers-in-law and their son's wives have never been more dysfunctional in India, where it says rapid modernization has collided with staunch family traditions.

In a cricket crazy country the tussle between the two parties is fittingly compared to a 'indoor Test match'!

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A never ending indoor Test match!
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