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Bravo Baroness!

By S.H.Moulana - Riyadh

The resignation of Baroness Warsi from her British cabinet post she was holding in David Cameron’s government should be regarded as a brave act.

One keeps wondering, why should western governments imagine that their citizens will accept them ‘eyes-closed’ for Israel’s continued theft of Palestinian land in the West Bank for settlers, who dump their sewage on neighboring villages and beat up kids on their way to school, to their unending blockade on essential supplies to Gaza, their brutal behavior at checkpoints and their periodic murderous assaults on civilian population confined in an area more densely populated than London, Paris or New York and fittingly known as the only ‘open air prison’ in the world.

Tea-party Republicans in the US regard Netanyaho as a role model. The arm industry worships him for keeping it busy for Israel’s never ending demand for weaponry and reinforcement at the US tax-payers’ money.

Naturally, Cameron’s right wing party will firmly support the US Republicans. There are fewer and fewer good and decent people left in the British Conservative party and undoubtedly Baroness Warsi is one of them and she is being saluted by the entire right thinking people of the world.

It is clearly visible that there are enough European voters getting angry about this deceit to force their governments into dropping the charade and calling Israel what it is: a violent, racist rogue state, which is completely out of control. It is heartening to see even the Jews are condemning the Zionist government in Israel.

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Bravo Baroness!
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