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The days of 'fan clubs' and 'hit parade'!

By S.H.Moulana - Riyadh

Yes, it was the time we did not have TVs, computers or mobile phones in our country but we had a wonderful time during our youthful days.

There was no YouTube to click on to check the latest releases or what is on top of the chart etc.
All what we could rely on was our good old ‘Radio Ceylon’ and its highly popular weekly program the ‘Hit Parade’, which gave us the top number of the week.

However, now we have everything including twitter, Facebook and number of websites, but sadly, all of them is used for political purposes. You tune the TV there is a political debate ending up in brawls.

People are suffering from political indigestion rather than from any food they consume. Every day there is a birth of a new party in the country, some of which have just one member. See the number of symbols allocated to these parties.

This reminds me of a Sinhala film I saw during my school days where the comedian, in the film, contests an election, where his symbol supposed to be ‘golubella’ – snail.

During our youth except the real politicians of class, who were highly educated and of very decent character none other indulged in politics. We had youths interested in sports, film and music. Those are the days fans formed fan clubs for their favorite singers.

We had fan clubs for Pat Boone who gave us the unforgettable ‘Bernadine’, for Elvis Presley who rocked everyone with his ‘Jailhouse rock’, for Jim Reeves who mesmerized us with his ‘Adios Amigo’, for Cliff Richard with his ever popular ‘Living Doll’ and Marty Robins for his 'Devil Woman’.

The list goes on endlessly like our wonderful memories of the past. That period was totally free from drugs, rapes and intimidation from those so called ‘chandiyas’. Of course we rarely read about someone caught with few grams of ‘ganja’ or of a raid on a ‘kasippu’ den, in the newspapers.

The underworld, drug-dealers and contract killings were unheard of. The biggest robbery which hit the headlines in all the media then was the 4 lakhs of rupees from the Turf Club, which was termed as ‘hara laksha horakama’ and on which a popular baila also was composed and sung.

Sometimes we feel sad to think that the present day children are deprived of the peace, harmony and joy we enjoyed during our youth.

Late John Lennon of the Beetles said: “I imagine all people living life in peace. You may say I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one. I hope someday you will join us and the world will be as one.”

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The days of 'fan clubs' and 'hit parade'!
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