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Sri Lanka Marks 29th November – Intl. Solidarity Day With Palestine

By. Dr.T.Jayasinghe - Fmr Ambassador to the State of Palestine

This year too Palestine solidarity workers in Sri Lanka will be joining millions of friends of Palestine from all over the world in marking the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people declared by United Nations Organization.

In 1977 General Assembly of United Nations called for the annual observance of 29th November as the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people (resolution 32/40 B).On that day in 1947 United Nations Assembly committed crime of the century by adopting the resolution on the partition of Palestine (resolution 181 (ii)).Many nations were forced by the Zionist organizations and USA to vote for this resolution and some were virtually bought over.

This partition vote was immediately followed by massacres of Palestinians starting with the massacre 247 inhabitants of the village of Dier Yassin. Today even the name of this village has been changed to avoid publicity of this vicious crime and hide from the visitors. This massacre and many other massacres of unarmed innocent men, women and children scared the Palestinians and they fled to the neighboring countries to save their lives but expecting to return later.

Zionist armed terrorist gangs like Irgun, Hagnah and many others led by leading Israeli leaders took control of Palestine and the unarmed Palestinians had no alternative but to surrender or flee the country. This situation continued for years and after 67 years, and even today Israeli army can kill, arrest without any reason. This army enjoys complete impunity. It is surprising that UN bodies associated with human rights look the other way.

From 1947 onwards the World Zionist Movement encouraged and financed the Jews from all over the world to settle in the newly created "homeland" of Jews; Israel. These Jews still arrive in Palestine and make Palestine their home by chasing out the Palestinians from their mother land. At the moment only 13% of the original land in Palestine belongs to Palestinians and that too controlled by Israel.

Even though by an agreement in 1967 two portions of of Palestine named as West Bank and Gaza Strip were allocated to Palestinians, Zionists who govern Israel continue to force their authority on the Palestinians living inside these two portions. Gaza became a virtual open air prison and still 1.5 million Palestinians living inside this tiny strip are not allowed to get out. One border of this strip has an exit point with Egypt but unfortunately Arab brothers in Egypt continue to help Israel by placing restrictions on Palestinians when leaving Gaza or entering Gaza. UN is yet to decide on the status of Jerusalem but Israel controls both West and East Jerusalem without any permission from UN. Muslims in any part of the world are prevented from entering Al Aqsa mosque situated in East Jerusalem.

This situation is creating conflicts causing death and destruction to Palestinians. The demand of the Palestinians for self-rule and independence continues in UN and other fora. In the meantime over 500,000 immigrant Jews have been settled inside Palestine. UN says it is illegal but Israel does not listen. While Jews from all over the world are allowed to settle down inside Palestine, Palestinians who were chased out are not allowed to return home.

The plight of the Palestinians is a long story of suffering with no solution in sight. Over one hundred resolutions have been passed by UN seeking a solution but the Zionist lobby in UN with the support of USA continues to crush the aspirations of Palestinians.

It is common knowledge that crimes committed by Israel go unpunished. In 2008/2009 Israel killed more than 1500 Palestinians in Gaza. Then in 2014 another 1500 were killed. Majority killed were children. In the case of 2008/2009 massacre Goldstone report clearly states that Israel is responsible for this massacre. But later Goldstone was forced to go back on his report.

Thanks to the agitations of solidarity workers from Palestine and other non-Arab countries there are favorable developments taking place. Some leading European countries are beginning to realize that Palestine should be recognized as a Free State. But unfortunately Arabs are silent. They dole out a few dollars and obey the rulings of USA and Israel. It is strange that even the so called Islamic freedom fighters like Al Qaeda, ISIS and Taliban never go against Israel. They ignore the plight of the Palestinians. Even inside Palestine most demonstrators against the monstrous wall and other Israeli atrocities are Palestinians and youth from non-Arab countries. It is a pity that Arab leaders and other Islamic leaders have ignored their brothers in distress.

Just like many other non-Arab countries Sri Lanka continues to play a significant and practical role in the international solidarity campaign. Sri Lanka had been traditional supporters of the Arab struggles including Suez for a long time. From 1975 Sri Lanka had been giving prominence to the Palestinian struggle. Present President of Sri Lanka H.E. Mahinda Rajapaksa founded the Sri Lanka Committee for Solidarity with Palestine and continued as the head of that organization for 29 years. Now he is the chief Patron of the Solidarity Committee.

Sri Lankan government recently donated USD one million to help those suffering in Gaza. Sri Lanka also established a vocational training center in Petunia in West Bank. Palestinians are given scholarships to study in Sri Lankan universities and Sri Lanka financed a few educational projects through the Sri Lankan Embassy opened in 2007.Independent organizations in Sri Lanka continue to send container loads of medicine and other material for those in distress in Gaza.

This year Sri Lanka Committee for Solidarity with Palestine will be marking the International Solidarity Day with Palestine by holding a public meeting in Colombo.

Sri Lanka will continue to support the Palestinian cause through its Embassy in Palestine and by other means.

Long live the friendship and solidarity between the governments and peoples of Sri Lanka and Palestine.

- Asian Tribune -

Sri Lanka Marks 29th November – Intl. Solidarity Day With Palestine
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