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Don’t run away from your responsibility!

By S.H.Moulana - Riyadh

Bush, Blair and their allies invaded Iraq because of "weapons of mass destruction" which were never found.

Iraq didn't attack America or any Western countries and no Iraqis were involved in the 9/11 but those who were defending their invasion of Iraq and bombings which killed thousands of innocent Iraqis, used collateral damage as an excuse.

A country never tolerated any terror groups before invasion, ultimately opened the gate for them including the most vicious of all, the ISIS. Terrorism largely grew because of the hatred and revenge by those who got nothing to lose and heads filled with utter madness. These groups are not Muslims although they claim to be so. They are killing the true Muslims.

In practically all Muslim countries there are significant threats from these deviant groups but they call themselves Muslims and they are not. Real Muslims don't kidnap and ask for ransoms.

Real Muslims don't rape women. In fact the real Muslims are currently under threat more than people of other faiths. It is a folly that many people don't understand the difference between the real Muslims and these so ‘called Muslims’ who live by the bullets and knives.

Remember, Western interference in the Middle East have caused severe destabilization in the region and have not made this world any safer. Invasions and wars have created the biggest problem now. Afghanistan. Iraq. Libya and Somalia have been totally abandoned by those invaders and leaving those countries to the brutal terrorists where no solution in sight at least in the near future.

Sadly, the West too has started to taste the irony of the mess they created in their own land.

Those who created this mess in the above mentioned countries cannot wash their hands off and run away from them but they have the cardinal responsibility to provide the citizens of these countries the same peace and harmony they enjoyed before invasion despite the type of rule they were under before.

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Don’t run away from your responsibility!
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