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Nimal Mendis Funeral Today

By S.H.Moulana - Riyadh

Nimal Mendis, well known as the lyricist and composer of the classic masterpiece 'Master Sir' passed away.
Born on March 29, 1934, Mendis was involved with music from his early childhood.

Nimal Mendis shaped his work by using Sri Lankan folk idiom. He used folk music and mixed them with western overtones.

He lived many years in London but often traveled to Sri Lanka. He had also lived in the South West of France.

Regarding the passing away of Nimal Mendis, given below the message from his daughter Paul-Marie:
Hi this is Paul-Marie, this morning my father Nimal Mendis passed away. It was very sudden. He collapsed at home. Got him to the hospital but, nothing could be done.

Sirasa was coming to film a program about him today, so until the very end he was doing something he loved. Music. I am still in shock I think , thank you soo much for all your kind thoughts and condolences. I thank all the Sri Lankan public for supporting his music throughout his career. His songs and work will make sure that he lives on in all our hearts and minds.

His body(I can't even believe i'm calling my father a 'body') will be at A.F Raymonds parlor from tomorrow at 10.00 am onward. The funeral is scheduled to be on Saturday at 4.30pm

Who will forget this legend's masterpiece 'Master Sir'

In fact in the 1950s, when Radio Ceylon discovered Mendis, it dominated the South Asian airwaves.
Therefore the songs composed and written by him turned in to super hits in South Asian region. It is said that listeners who lived in all over the Indian sub-continent wrote to Radio Ceylon and requested his songs.

Nimal Mendis recorded 22 songs including the one which he composed in order to aid 2004 Tsunami victims. His songs were aired by BBC Radio, Premier Radio (UK) and many European radio stations in the 1960s.

He was one of a handful of Sri Lankan musicians to appear on the BBC television programme Top of the Pops in 1968. Mendis was a longstanding member of the Performing Rights Society and the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society of Great Britain.

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Nimal Mendis Funeral Today
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