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Consider a Bill of Rights along with amendments 19th and 20th - V. Anandasangaree - Secretary General - TULF

Colombo, 24 April, (

V. Anandasangaree - Secretary General - TULF has called for the adoption of a Bill of Rights along with 19th and 20th amendments to the constitution.

He has said, that I am frankly of the opinion that neither the 19th amendment nor the 20th amendment will get passed or even reach the point of debating ,as now rescheduled for the 27th and 28th of this month.

He said, after a bloodless silent revolution, what is happening in the country today is thoroughly disappointing.

“Creation of this situation will amount to total betrayal of the trust our people had placed on our leaders,” Anandasangaree pinpointed.

“Whether we like it or not we all know that the people very much desire a change. They want good governance and it is the duty of every one to give full backing to achieve it. The whole world will curse us if we miss this golden opportunity which was God sent with no chance of getting another for many generations to come,” he said.

In a statement to the press, Anandasangaree pointed out that “very few know that I am a very senior politician of over fifty five years standing and one of the few in the country and perhaps the only one Tamil still alive in politics. I had been very patriotic and loved the country and its people. I have had good solutions for our problems and whatever opportunity that came on our way I was never consulted at all. Under the present circumstances also I am ignored, yet in view of the unsettled situation, I have a good suggestion to get over the problem that cannot be opposed by anyone who loves this country. What I now suggest will greatly ease the situation and pave the way to reach our goal. “

He went on to emphasize that nothing will be lost if the country will pay attention to my suggestion to introduce the Bill of Rights in toto, as found in the South Africans constitution. If it is adopted without any delay along with the 19th and 20th amendments it will be very acceptable. Otherwise if by any chance the same situation arises again to postpone the 19th and 20th amendments, the Bill of Rights can go through without any opposition. There is no guarantee that a similar situation will not arise again to compel for the postponement of the debate for a future date. I had a solution for the ethnic problem that had been appreciated by both the Government and the opposition and also editorially commented by some national dailies, but unfortunately was not taken up.

He further said:

The South Africans consider the Bill of Rights as the cornerstone of democracy enshrining the Rights of all people in their country and affirming the democratic values of human dignity equality and freedom. It will be the duty of the state to respect, protect, promote and fulfill the rights in the Bill of Rights.

It is very unfortunate as to why; I had been singled out for a nasty treatment, by the three top rankers of the National Government who should have consulted me at least on crucial matters that concern the state, since I am the one who had faced the worst embarrassment and humiliation for very many years.

The filthy words and phrases used against me over the phone will run into several volumes if any one took the trouble to compile them. But the irony is Madam Chandrika Bandaranayake Kumartunga, much respected President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Hon. Ranil Wickrasingha, the three top Leaders, did not give me a chance even to congratulate them on their success, when infact the latter two were wished over the phone the very same day their candidatures were announced and the support of the TULF was made known to the public of Sri Lanka two days later through the press.

Both of them were with me in Parliament for several years. I never went to them for any favor. As far as Madam Chandrika Bandaranayake Kumaratunga is concerned she is the most competent authority to vouch for my integrity and dignity. It is very unfortunate as to why I had been subjected to this type of treatment by these people. I also cannot fail to pay my compliments to two Ministers of the UNP who think that they are carrying the Universe on their head, and do not see anybody around – concluded Anandasangaree, the veteran Tamil former member of parliament.

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V. Anandasangaree - Secretary General - TULF
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