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Oh no, please don’t tickle me!

By S.H.Moulana - Riyadh

This is the response you will hear from a ticklish person once he is tickled! Ticklishness is indeed a mysterious phenomenon and not just for you. To this day no one has adequately answered the question of what causes it.

Talking about ticklishness most people mean the kind that makes you laugh. We may call this laughter-associated ticklishness. There is yet another kind, like what happens when you run your finger nails lightly over your skin.

Although there isn’t a solid science-based answer for why we are ticklish, that hasn’t kept people from researching and speculating.

However, we see tickling bond people. A mother tickles her baby, the baby laughs, the mother smiles and they share a happy moment together. Similarly, kids who tickle each other may bond over the experience. Ticklish spots in the body, such as the abdomen or neck, tend to be more vulnerable.

Learning to protect them from tickling as a child may help you protect them from harm. Increased skin sensitivity on certain areas of the body develops before birth to encourage a fetus to stay in the healthiest positions in the womb. This centuries-old theory doesn’t seem to have any modern evidence to support it.

The biggest question is whether laughter-associated ticklishness is an uncontrollable reflex, that is ‘hard wired’ inside us at birth.

Many experts believe that is likely, but others think this kind of ticklishness is something we learn as babies by interacting with our parents and others. One interesting fact is that you can’t tickle yourself.

One idea is that like your startle reflex, laughter-associated tickling requires that you not know it’s coming. In the meantime, some studies have shown that people laugh more when they are blindfolded where or when they will be tickled.

In the meantime, I am also aware of few characters, once tickled who come out with raw filth or resort to violence response.

The former American Baseball professional, Derek Jeter, once said ‘Everyone is ticklish. You just got to find the right spot to tickle!’ Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, please don’t tickle me!

- Asian Tribune

The former American Baseball professional Derek Jeter
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