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Jaffna Municipality uses Kallundai Saltern - dumping ground for human waste

Colombo, 06 May, (

Return the property of the Saltern at Kallundai vested with Jaffna Municipality, which is presently used daily as dumping ground for human waste and city rubbishes.

The Chairman of the Mantai Salt M.M.Ameen has protested to the Government Agent Jaffna, as well as to the Divisional Secretary of Sandilipay, over the acquisition of 250 acres of land that belonged to Kallundai Saltern, and vested with the Jaffna Municipality as the dumping ground for human waste and rubbish.

The saltern located at the beach of Kallundai with 600 acres of land according to a protest note by Ameen is the property of Mantai Salt and the property has been acquired by the Jaffna Municipality without their tacit approval or consent.

The Mantai Salt Company Limited - the salt company which was started in 1938 and went through different administrative control and finally it was named as Mantai Salt Ltd from 2001and now functioning under the purview of Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

In a note addressed to the Government Agent Jaffna, with copy to Divisional Secretary, Sandilipay, the Chairman of the Saltern Ameen has stated- “Recently when I went for an inspection tour to the Saltern at Kallundai, I found that the Jaffna Municipality has taken over 250 acres of land belonged to the Saltern at Kallundai and it is being used as the dumping ground for human waste and rubbish, thus polluting the environment meant for the production of salt for the consumption of human beings.”

The chairman said that it is highly regrettable that Jaffna Municipality pollutes daily the area meant for the production salt for human consumption.

Ameen has urged that the land vested with the Jaffna Municipality be divested and return back to the Mantai salt to enable the Saltern Company to start the production of salt and also employ back the workers nearly 100 who were earlier employed in this saltern.

Chairman of Saltern told Asian Tribune that those workers who earlier worked in the Kallundai, Semmani and Elephant Pass salterns may contact Mantai Saltern so that the management might take appropriate steps to reemploy them.

He also told that Elephant Pass Saltern would be officially declared open this month by Minister of Commerce & Industry Rishad Bathiyutheen and production of the salt would commence.

Chairman of the Manatai salt said that once the production of salt commence in the Elephant Pass Saltern, they would be able to provide the salt – the raw material needed for the Paranthan Chemicals for the production Caustic Soda and chlorine.

He also said once the production commence country would become self-sufficient in Salt and also would be in a position to export salt.

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M.M.Ameen - Chairman, Mantai Salt Limited
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