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Malaysian Police held Uthayakumar in lock up for 24 hours and released him

Kula Lumpur, 13 December, ( It was an exercise of vindictiveness. Malaysian Police kept P. Uthayakumar, Human Rights Lawyer and the Legal adviser of Hindu Rights Action Force of Malaysia (HINDRAF), at the Pudu Jail Police Station from Tuesday evening up to yesterday evening 5 PM and subsequently released him.

In the meantime yesterday Malaysian police raided P.Uthayakumar’s legal firm located at Bangsar, as well as that of his brother P.Vethamurthy’s lawyers office located at Seram Lam. “Asian Tribune” learnt that Police were looking for seditious materials in those lawyers’ offices, to assist in their investigation into the seditious cases they have already filed against the leading HINDURAFT members.

At Lawyer Vethamurthy’s office, as well as in the office Uthayakumar, Police very minutely went through all the documents and in the end they confiscated one Computer (PC) and a Laptop at Vethamurthy’s office.

In the meantime when Asian Tribune contacted Uthayakumar after his release from the police lock up at the Pudu Jail Police Station, he said that Malaysian police simply kept him in the police lock up for no reason at all and released him yesterday at 5PM.

He said when he lodged the complaint on Tuesday evening against the police for handcuffing him only in the right hand and for dragging him like a dog to the police station and thus injuring him. He said that the police took him in a vehicle saying that they are taking him to a hospital for treatment.

He said when he was taken in the police vehicle to the hospital, he saw about 500 HINDURAFT members and supporters outside the main entrance of the Pudu Jail Police Station, and they involved in a candle light vigil.

Uthayakumar also said that when he was taken in the police vehicle to the hospital, a handful of supporters were seen following the police vehicle in motor cycles. He said that when the police found people following the police vehicle in motorcycles, they turned their vehicle back to the police station and threw him into the lock up without taking him to the hospital for treatment.

He said yesterday morning by about 7.30 AM he was taken to the session courts. He added by 9.00 AM police brought a maximum security vehicle and asked him to sit in a chair in a cubicle in the vehicle and took him back to Pudu Jail Police Station and locked him up.

Uthayakumar said subsequently by 5 PM he was released by the police to go home. He said he could not understand why he was detained in the police station for more than 24 hours and later why he was released.

Sources told Asian Tribune that was the exercise of vindictiveness and revenge by the Malaysian Police.

When Uthayakumar was released yesterday afternoon, there were more than 1000 HINDURAFT supporters and well wishers outside the main entrance of the Pudu Jail Police Station to receive him.

People started shouting slogans when they saw Uthayakumar walking out again a freeman. In front of the police station Uthayakumar and leaders of the HINDURAFT conducted a press conference and then marched on to Koddu Malai Pillaiyar temple, located one kilometer away from the police station.

At the temple, a special pooja was held for the release of the 31 HINDURAFT members who are presently held without bail.

Today the appeal inquiry for the release on bail will be taken up at the Shah Alam high court, located at Selongoor.

- Asian Tribune -

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