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The day I wrote Vasudeva off!

By S.H.Moulana - Riyadh

I am not a fan of prime-minister, Ranil Wickramasinghe but I respect him for he has maintained a clean record where honesty is concerned and he remains one of the most educated in the parliament now.

On the other hand I was an admirer of Vasudeva Nanayakara, who never failed to defend the minority rights and never feared to oppose the racist groups who were bent on harassing the minorities.

But all my admiration for Vasudeva just flew off in the air the day he used the detested foul language on prime-minister, Ranil Wickramasinghe, in the parliament.

The word he used on him, I am sure, even a Mariyakade thug will look whether any ladies around before using it.

Didn’t Vasudeva know that there were MPs in the house belonged to the fair-sex too.

I very well remember while Sirimavo Bandaranaike was the prime-minister, she said that she feared there were school children in the gallery watching the debates in the house, because of the un-parliamentary language used by few MPs.

She added there was a time even she enjoyed watching debates, when there were learned and classy MPs there in the house.

Now Vasudeva owes an apology not only to Ranil but to the whole nation for using dirtiest word in Sinhala language, starting with the letter ‘P’.

Another former and present minister in a propaganda meeting prior to January 8- election, said that the former president Chandrika should be paraded on the street nude!

How dare these clowns can use these foul language in big gatherings where you see both sexes in attendance.

I am really perturbed to see that a country which boasts to be one of the highest literacy rates in South Asia could tolerate these nonsense from these third class politicians, who are not a patch on the top class breed of politicians, we had in the past, by way of education, conduct and respect they commanded for which they are remembered forever!

Shame on you Vasudeva.

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The day I wrote Vasudeva off!
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