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He was a statesman rather than a politician

By S.H.Moulana - Riyadh

Dudley Senanayake, whose 104th year birthday was commemorated, recently, was a statesman rather than a politician.

He was extremely humble as a human being and absolutely sincere in all his dealings. He was so clean and remained whiter than white until his last day on this earth.

This four-time prime minister once beat Srimavo Bandarnaike’s coalition comprised of the left. The left leaders held a massive protest in front of Temple Trees, soon after the election defeat, demanding the lost leader Sirimavo not to resign.

However, on her own accord she resigned and made a statement to the effect that she will be back in office in three-month time. Exactly three months after the winning the elections and becoming the prime minister, Dudley held a massive meeting to celebrate the victory in Slave Island, Colombo. It was just about the time office workers were walking out of their offices after a day’s work.

Hearing Dudley addressing the meeting I decided to stay a few minutes before rushing to the bus stand to catch up my bus to Maharagama, where I was residing then. In the course of his speech Dudley addressed the defeated prime minister as ‘agamethini’, then someone from the stage was heard correcting him ‘agamethini nevey, ‘methini’’.

The humorous Dudley responded by saying ‘In three months time she said she will be back in office, and that is why I called her ‘agamethin’ assuming that she is already back’!

The crowd had a thundering laugh. He had such light humor but never ridiculed or used any abusive word on his opponent. He commanded respect practically from everyone.

He liked drumstick of all the vegetables, which he said once Dr. S.A.Wickramasinghe, the popular communist leader from the south, recommended it to him saying that it contains vitamins and a drumstick tree is known as a ‘power house of minerals’.

Dudley was also extremely fond of ice cream and he enjoyed it like a small kid.

I am not aligned to any political party but have never failed to admire sincere leaders of any party, red, green or blue.

As for me I am yet to see someone like Dudley, who earned nothing from politics except the honor, reputation and love from the masses.

We will be really blessed if we get another Dudley, if not one hundred percent at least fifty percent of him, in our life time.

He is not only a role model for Sri Lanka but for the whole world!

- Asian Tribune –

A postage stamp  released in honor of Late Dudley Senanayake
diconary view
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