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Changing party is like changing shirt!

By S.H.Moulana - Riyadh.

Today you may elect someone who contests on SLFP ticket at the general elections and tomorrow you will see him crossing over to the UNP. The same goes with the guy who contested and won on the UNP ticket, crossing over to the blue.

I don’t want to mention the hundreds of other parties, which I have lost count, their names, color symbols or manifestos.

We have outdone all other countries like our 80 odd strong cabinet.

If you look at the ballot papers you will see the pictures of the animals, birds and venomous serpents what you have not seen even in the Dehiwala zoo and I wonder whether you will spot your choice easily.

However, the names of the parties end with the common letter ‘Ps’. Sorry, it is not the same ‘P’ what Vasudeva used in the parliament the other day!

The astonishing thing what we read in the media is that 95 of those, who were in the last parliament have failed their GCE (O) Level, a minimum qualification required for a peon these days, to get a job in any office.

The other shocking news was 25 of those elected members were involved in drug dealings.

We wonder how many others were involved in other nefarious activities, which did not come to light!
We welcome some hardworking activist societies which are campaigning to avoid such a situation in the coming new parliament.

We appeal to our intelligent voters to cast their votes judiciously looking into all these aspects. They have all the freedom to vote for any party of their choice, at least, at the time of the election but don’t rest assured that whoever they elected will remain in the same party after the election.

We know now why late Colvin R.D.Silva once called the independents as 'double-headed donkeys'.

This is why we asked does party, color, symbol or even manifesto really matter in our country, during elections?

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Late Colvin R.D.Silva once called the independents as 'double-headed donkeys'
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