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ISIS - The Face of Evil

By Ms. Sumaiyya Ahamed

The Terror Organization describing themselves as IS – Islamic State is very emphatically a misnomer. It has nothing to do with anything Islamic or even a decent state. It is an organization using trickery, chicanery and guile so as to deceive the gullible, the ignorant and the psychopathic killer factions to support their evil and devilish ways.

These killer blood-thirsty psychotic predators do nothing but kill. They have very stealthily infiltrated into the rank and file of the unsuspecting youth and have slowly permeated into our society, which is indeed cause for concern, anxiety and unhappiness for the people of Sri Lanka both Muslims and Non-Muslims alike.

The magic words The Terror organizations are chanting is - that they want “everything according Shariah”.

The Muslims have been lulled into thinking that “Shari’ah” means divine law, then, the word must be found it in a number of places in the Holy Quran like the words, Jihad (strenuous effort), ‘Adl (Justice), Zakat (Right of the Poor), Salaah (Prayer) etc. But what we see is that we find the actual word Shari’ah in just one place in the Holy Quran – vis-à-vis Chapter 45 Verse 18 where the actual word “Shari’ah” is used – It states
“Then we put you on the Right way.”

Shari’ah meaning ‘right way’

Etymology of this word revealed that it has never ever been used to specify it as Divine Law or any law, by the Prophet of Islam during his life time or even during the time of the Caliphs.

Strictly speaking the word “Shari’ah” for Islamic Law is not a Quranic concept.

The word Shari’ah is an innovation.

I would like to quote a para from my article which was published in the Asian Tribune on 24th January 2013 – Is Shari’ah a Divine Law?

Quote: “However, over Two Centuries later, after the demise of the Holy Prophet during the Abbasid Caliphate attempts were being made to codify the Islamic law and the word Shari’ah was introduced. Here the Arab Custom has been brought largely into play. Custom is not accredited as a source of Islamic Law in the Holy Quran, but here; it served as an essential component in shaping what is called today as “Islamic Law” – Therefore it could be rightly described as an innovation – Bid’ah – something that was done over 200 years after the demise of the Prophet of Islam.” Unquote.

So when the ISIS Terrorist Organization say, that their aim is to establish Shari’ah law, what it means is that , they want to establish “Dhalalah” (Arabic) – meaning - deviation, error, perversity, delusion and deception.

Which is, what is exactly happening.

In Sri Lanka, the Jamiathul-Ulama is supposed to be the official representative of Muslims. Their duty, under such circumstances is not just to make statements to the media denouncing the ISIS terror; but it is their incumbent duty to mobilize the Muslim Masses to show their resentment and hatred towards and against this Barbaric devilish cult, at least, by having a peaceful sit-in protest after every Friday Prayer outside each and every mosque.

This ISIS curse is fast spreading all over the world permeating into every nook and corner of each and every country, where You can also see the ungrateful attitude of some of those people to whom sanctuary had been given, three or four generations ago when they were been decimated in their own countries by their very own people. These suffering people were accepted with both hands, by the host countries and they were given refuge, permission was granted to have their own businesses, children were given the privilege to enroll into schools and whatnots. Today, three or four generations later, after having prospered financially and educationally, they had forgotten all the privileges and facilities conferred upon them and they turn against their own benefactors. These are thankless wretches, miscreants and reprobates and they should be shipped back and dumped in their own countries. If they have any grudge against anyone, it should be against those who massacred their ancestors and chased them away from their birth-places and domiciles; not against those people who granted them asylum, shelter and refuge.

Even after nearly four generations if these people still continue to support terrorism their permanent residence visas and every other facility should be cancelled forthwith and should be sent back to their home countries. Every country, without exception, should enact proper legislation to this effect without any delay. It is quite certain, that the outcome will be well and truly dramatic. But in the end peace will prevail.

It is very sad to see that that the Muslims in general have totally forgotten or are wilfully ignoring the prophetic words:

“Be a good human being before you become a good Muslim.”

- Asian Tribune -

ISIS - The Face of Evil
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