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When will we know the truth?

By S.H.Moulana - Riyadh

I know that one day the whole world will come to know the truth, no doubt, until then I am along with everyone else frustrated to know who has been helping Daesh to commit all these atrocities in the Arab lands but now I am more frustrated after reading one of well-known English journalists, Robert Fisk's article on ISIS.

There was a very brief period of consolation, when we heard that Turkey is going to unleash its anger on Daesh after its killing of few of its citizens, who were helping the Syrian refugees within Turkish border.

In that same declaration a Turkish minister ascertained that it will provide the US all important bases for its partner’s attack on the barbaric terrorist group.

All what we read in the media about this much publicized attack was a sortie each from each partner? While Turkey diverted its attacks towards the minority Kurds and totally forgot about the Daesh, we still do not know what happened to the superpower’s plan.
I read the article of Robert Fisk in length, in which he has referred the establishment of ISIS and its motives. His interesting piece made me more confused and frustrated to think how Daesh is getting all the sophisticated arms and funds and more importantly how they entice the youths from the West to join the group.

He is absolutely right when he wrote that we are yet to hear Daesh uttering anything for or against the Zionist state, Israel. In the meantime we don’t see the West’s same ferocity when it went after Osama Bin Laden and his men, although Daesh looks more brutal than Osama’s men.

I strongly believe that the proposed united Arab force will be more effective than any other foreign help. Since most of the new recruits to Daesh have been using the Turkish border to Syria to join the group, Turkish support for the united Arab force is imperative.

Arab countries fallen prey to Daesh, keep increasing and the latest one to face the threat is Libya and its prime minister has already warned the world about the impending danger.

We have to act fast with a coordinated strategy to eliminate this catastrophe!

- Asian Tribune –

A Shiite Houthi rebel, wearing an army uniform stands guard at the site of an explosion near the old city of Sanaa.
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