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TULF objects to appointment of ITAK-TNA to the office of Leader of the Opposition

Colombo, 31 August, (

The Tamil United Liberation Front very strongly objected to the claim of the Ilangai Tamil Arasu Kadchi that the office of the Leader of the Opposition, should be given to the ITAK.

V Anandasangaree, Secretary General – Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) pointed out that the ITAK has lost its credibility not only from the 2004 April General Election but much earlier when they took over the TNA under their control, with the assistance of an armed group and fraudulently replaced the TULF from the TNA with the ITAK, which itself was fraudulently revived 26 years after the death of the founder, on the orders of a deputy leader of an organization committed to violence.

Anandasangaree said, The TNA having done that, declared that armed group as the National leaders, and sole representatives of the Tamil People.”

Anandasangaree in his statement further said, “The General Election of April 2004 was the worst political disaster the country as a whole, ever faced, completely derailing the democratic process in the North and the East. The democratic process failed completely and all democratic activities especially in the North and the East got disrupted. The Government officials were relieved of their duties and their duties were taken over by this group. At the end of the day all the 22 candidate of the TNA were declared elected, creating a record polling of over 95% of the votes. All rival candidates were not allowed to campaigns or even to vote. Mr. R.Sampanthan was one such victor. If this victory was forced on them, they should have resigned enblock the next day. But they comfortably occupied all the 22 seat for a full term of six years. In comparison to this, 18 Members of Parliament of the TULF, Including Mr. Sampanthan quit office at the end of their six year term in 1983, when the Government at that time extended the term of Parliament by a further period of six years. The mandate of six years given by the people was over.”

Anandasangaree, the Leader of the TULF pointed out that the request made by the International Monitoring Team to annul the elections, and to hold fresh elections was turned down by the Commissioner of Elections on the grounds that there was no provision in the Election ordinance.

He further said that the Government that should have taken remedial measures did not take any action. The said Members so elected, should have been either removed or expelled from Parliament. They did not resign their seats or any legal action taken again them. Instead all these 22 Members, who were 10% of the total Membership of Parliament, which was 225, continued to serve their full term of six years uninterruptedly. They also contested the next election with their legal disability, and won 14 seats by obtaining only 10% of the total votes. The TULF was not merely defeated at the Poll. The opposition was virtually got rid of forever, by illegal means, unnoticed or without action taken to reinstate it.

He also noted that at the 2004 elections the TNA was an illegal Organization. It is wrong for anyone to claim that they gained legitimacy by winning all 22 seats. But the fact remains that during that period of six years, the TNA could not have claimed legitimacy because of the very fact that they had claimed the LTTE as the sole representatives of the Tamil People, The TNA should be held responsible for all the crimes committed during this period, including the assassinations of Hon. Luxman Kathirgamar, Hon. J. Pararajasingam, Hon. N. Raviraj, Ex. M.P. Kingly Rajanayagam candidate Mr. R. Sathiyamoorthy and many such others. Strangely enough the TNA remained tight-lipped when these murders took place.

He went on to say that it is very unfortunate that the Government by appointing Mr. R.Sampanthan as a Member of the National Executive council has helped the TNA to achieve popularity through that office, much to the disadvantage of the TULF. Left alone the TULF would have made much progress.

V Anandasangaree further said that, till the TNA either dissolves itself or give up the fraudulent usage of the term TNA and goes as ITAK, the slur on Sri Lanka will continue to remain. The Government should realize that it has, by its indifference had given legitimacy to an illegal Organization which had exerted its authority for well over twelve years and had brought the prestigious TULF, which had 18 Members in Parliament, to the verge of irradiation. The TULF reiterates its serious objection for recognizing anyone in the TNA as Leader of the Opposition. The ITAK cannot keep on fooling all the people all the time, and it should be warned to come back to the democratic fold without hood - winking all, including the International community.

- Asian Tribune -

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