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Indo-Lankan joint test cricketism for promoting Indian batboys!

By Dr. Abdul Ruff (Specialist on Sport fixing)

India and Sri Lanka have begun their third test in Sri Lanka and SL after winning the toss decided to opt for bowling. In the first half they played well bowling with proper targets but later they did the usual mischief of offering big runs to some players to help India get a “decent” score on board.

Lankan bowlers bowled well until certain point when India was 180 for 7 but they seem to
have decided to offer a good 100 to Pujara, obviously on special request from BCCI or other corporate mafias.

Lankan bowlers offer a measured 100 to Indian batboy Pujara who has been without century, like Sachin, for nearly two years. It is high time he called it his day to vacate the crease and let juniors come to the crease to represent India, its government, cricket mafia including BCCI and corporate lords.

Now Sri Lanka which is making strenuous efforts to offer at least 300 runs to India so that SL can benefit from Indian government. After all, cricket Is not played for fun or for results. India would have crashed with a meager 200 runs but SL decided to boost Indian score by another 50-100 runs by offering a good hundred to Pujara to make him a “comeback man”. Pujara is a hitman on Indian state rewards list. Indian corporate lords want the regime to consider cricketers for Bharatratna award for every department- only batboy Sachin got it so far. By far their decisions are final and government has to obey them.

Of course, none does any favor to others for free. Absolutely not in cricket! Now SL also would expect similar 100 favor to at least one batboy. Many things take place behind the scene.

Indian commentators say for the home team, Perera cracked a blistering fifty on his Test debut. He came out all guns blazing and his stand with Herath helped Sri Lanka to cross the 200-run mark. However, at that time, India were still in the ascendancy as they had gained a vital first innings lead.

The Indian commentators in fact are mocking at Indian bowlers who let the two bowlers- tail enders shine. When all experienced SL batboys collapsed, unable to comprehend Indian bowling attacks, only a new comer Perera cracked a blistering fifty on his Test debut. How is it possible without bowler support? Surely, it was a par t of the package deal. SL bowlers should make Pujara shine on his return ot cricket, and Indian bowlers would carefully bowl to two tail enders, including the Perera.

Yes, spendthrift drunkards and leaking bowlers behave similarly.

Bowlers, especially when they bowl first, behave in a strange way. They keep offering big runs to batboys in 4s and 6s, making them shine with a bat, unmindful of the fact if their batboys could chase down huge total at all; after hitting a 6 harmless ball they make a big show as if they defeated entire world.

It is like heavy drunkards getting into a liquor hotel with friends for boozing. He keeps pouring liquor into the glasses of his friends and also orders more and more whiskey bottles. He very generous with friends spending his or somebody else’s money. He hopes his friends also would later offer return favors to him.

Bowlers who bowl first or next in fact do not opt for dotball technique but deliberately offers 6s and 4s.

The story is simple. SL opted to bowl, instead of bating, and helped Pujara to shine and also expected return favors. India gave just a couple of 50s to the junior team to make SL board happy. In the second inning SL could not offer 100 to anyone but gave a good 50 to an important batboy Rohit Sharma whom they refused to help in the first inning which they made a Pujara special with 100 plus. In the second inning SL bowlers did not let Pujara make a run and he returned to the waiting pavilion with a fabulous duck. SL offered 50 to an Indian bowler Ashwin hoping he would be kind to SL batboys. In fact Ashwin did not bother the SL batboys. A 50 runs has made a reckless Ashwin less reckless.

Now Sri Lanka is on its emphatic defeat. While bowling they should have known that. But then Lankans cannot disobey India, the super power of South Asia.

Maybe Lankans think that their gods would now save them and win the match for Colombo. However, they should know gods behave like their regimes their behavior would also would also be similar to their governments.

They had a chance to win when they were bowling but they just obeyed Indian cricket mafias. But batboys cannot perform because India has a full-fledged bowling unit that can just enjoy crushing the pathetic looking Lankan boys. You can’t expect any grace marks in the second inning if that would add to Indian miseries.

Lankans are on the way to present sorry faces for their pro-Indian batboy mischief.

Miracles wont happened in Colombo unless rain falls down to disturb the match to get a draw but the rains always support India, because ICC stand by Indian cricketism.

Do satellites and rains also play cricket?

India has so many satellites in the space doing some special tasks for the country and allies. .
The tasks of Satellites include remote surveillance operations of select individuals, groups, houses, offices, etc.

One major function of satellites, as you all now know, is to create rains in some regions, places by manipulating, creating, moving the clouds and , also stopping rains.

When India (powerful corporate cricket mafia) wants o disturb a match or make a particular team to win, say in IPL) rains are so created by satellites that are being operated by specialists on earth.

On 15th May, when a match was scheduled in Hyderabad between Hyderabad and Bangalore, but the corporate cricket mafia seemed to have got the Indian state satellite specialists to create rains to disturb the match. India did not want either Hyderabad or Bangalore to win the match because the winner would be closer to semifinals. Mafia is eager to send BCCI and mafia’s Mumbai as well as Dhoni’s Chennai team and even media lords and commentator nuts promote only these two teams
It appears the rains would be made to continue and the match would be abandoned so that both get just one point each which would might make both stay out of playoffs.

Cunning fellows the BCCI and corporate guys! They represent India!

BCCI seems to have instructed all bowlers to offer big scores and big runs to important players.

Cricket should therefore be renamed as batism or something like that, for cricket is being played to promote fake c batboys with 100s and more for rewards.

As it is well known, test is played with two full innings so that those batboys who fail to get good marks in the first innings in spite of best efforts by bowlers to offer them good marks, would be selected for special grace marks in runs in the seconding innings.

That is how “great” batboys are generated.

Now about the 3rd test outcome! If India feels indebted to SL bowlers offering a good 100 plus to Pujara, then it would let Lankans win this test possibly on some future formula which is usual in cricket.

- Asian Tribune -

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