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'Don't rock the boat baby!'

By S.H.Moulana - Riyadh

'Don't rock the boat baby' was a hit number during our youth and I am reminded of this song nervously to see the ever increasing new cabinet!

We laughed at the mega sized cabinet under the previous government but the current government too despite its promise to limit it to 30 ministers has produced an equally large one for a country with a population of just 20 million people, which can fit into a city in India or Pakistan.

The only difference is the previous boat was painted blue and the new boat is painted green and blue.

If it can accommodate yet another color, say for instance red, there is no doubt it will be overloaded with yet another a dozen or more, sailors - but we reliably learn that few more are wait-listed to board.

We wish that nothing happens to the overloaded boat like what we frequently read in the media that carries migrants.

However the historic location the cabinet chose to sit for a group photograph brings me lot of my school days memories.

That is the parliament building I used to frequent to watch the budget debates and debates on other important issues.

Late Pieter Keuneman has been always kind enough to issue me a pass to the gallery to watch the proceedings; however, there was strict rule follow, which prohibits one from reading a book or newspaper because it was considered as disrespect to the house.

To see what is being spoken and how the MPs are behaving now are really unthinkable, compared to those days.

Just imagine of the polished personalities of class we had in the house then; SWRD, Colvin, NM, Dudley, Bernad Soysa, Dr.S.A. Wickramasinghe, GG Ponnambalam, TB Jayah, C. Suntharalingam and the likes.

What beautiful and decent language they spoke and what logical arguments they used during the debates in the house.

Just the thought of the behavior of some of the now a days representatives and the choice of their language they use in the august house, makes us to think ‘is this real’! I wish to recall in this respect what once world’s first woman prime minister, Sirimavo Bandaranaike, had to say.

She said that she is really nervous when she sees children in the gallery, fearing the kind of language used by some of the members in the house.

Also she added that it was a treat then to watch the MPs of the past, the language they used and how they behaved in the house.

Can we ever dream of getting this caliber of representatives at least for our watching pleasure!

We are ever grateful to those legends of our school days. We know for sure that some find it hard to live up to that level but at least they can refrain from using un-parliamentary language and embarrass the whole nation.

Good luck!

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 Sri Lanka's Old Parliament - A majestic and imposing aechitecture
diconary view
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