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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 112

Mother's day - a day of grief

By Daya Dissanayake

We have no right to celebrate a Mother's day, because we have lost all love and respect and gratitude for our mothers, and the Great Mother of all life, Mother Earth.

We are doing all we can to destroy Mother Earth, to exploit it to the utmost; we are doing our best to kill the golden goose to collect all the golden eggs at once.

We are spraying our environment with the most harmful pesticides and weedicides to destroy not only the harmful pests, but also all the beneficial creatures and plants around us. Then we add chemical fertilizer which destroys more life in our soil and make our country a dead desert, day by day.

Then we are interfering with the flow of our streams, damming them and building up reservoirs where there should not be any reservoirs, and do all this in the name of progress. Next we build power plants to burn more oil and more coal, adding sulphurdioxide, mercury and also contributing to global warming. We dig our rivers for the sand. We consume water as it is an inexhaustible resource.

Then we cut down every tree that we can set our eyes upon, to build houses, factories, and also to use the timber for furniture, paper and for generating electricity. We do not replant, and even if we do, we go for monoculture plantations, which is totally against what nature has planned for mother earth.

And we still call ourselves patriots and that we are ready to die for our motherland. We do not realize that very soon we would not have a motherland to live for or die for.

We do the same to our mothers. We are ready to blame them for all the crimes and offences committed by their children. Our heroes take pride sometimes in murdering or torturing innocent mothers for alleged crimes committed by the sons.

We force our mothers to sell their land, their farm animals, and their life so we could have a good education or to buy our way to 'greener pastures' for the sake of the filthy lucre. Then we forget our mothers or send them a few dollars or riyals and think we have done our duty. We believe that visiting themabout once a year with a saree or a tin of food supplement is all that we have to do as their children.

We expect our mothers to look after our grand children while we attend to our own work and livelihoods. We expect them to do all the household work, as it is so difficult to find domestic help. And we do not have to pay them a monthly wage, or worry about their going home on leave and not coming back and we do not have to worry about their stealing our food or our money. How many mothers and grandmothers have become unpaid domestic workers in our homes? They never get a salary, so they would never get a salary increase, COL allowance, EPF or a pension.

We also insult our mothers and torture them physically and mentally by stealing their children to fight for our motherland, whichever side we are on. Whether we take them by force or whether we get them to join us because they do not have any other job opportunities, or whether we brainwash them, we are still doing it against their mothers' wishes. The mothers die every minute, every hour, every day their children are at the battle front. And we still claim we love our mothers.

We use our mothers, use their good name and the respect and regard other people have for them and then usurp their position because of our own greed. We do not care if such action would affect the health of our mothers or even if they die of grief and disappointment. We throw them out of their own homes, once they hand over the ownership to us.

We fight with our mothers for their property and wealth, and force them to gift them to us even before they die, and when they die we fight with our other siblings about the funeral expenses of our own mother. That is how we love and respect our mothers.

Then we have a mother's day which only benefits the businessmen who make a good profit. No one else benefits out of it. We try to fool ourselves that we are doing a good deed but it is only a shameful and cowardly act to cover our own guilt. Having a Mother's day itself is a sign of how much the relationship of a mother and her children had deteriorated. We should be ashamed to have a day set aside for our mothers, because we have neglected them for the other 364 days.

- Asian Tribune -

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