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Who would like to meet him, leave alone the London Mayor?

By S.H.Moulana

Donald Trump who is now strongly campaigning for a Muslim ban in the US is traced to an immigrant ancestry.

While his paternal record is traced to Germany his maternal lineage is from Scotland and his wife is from Slovenia.

It is also on record he has called for banning immigrants from various countries including all Slovenians, where his wife comes from.

The good news is not only the Americans, but especially his own party men have disowned his racist policies.
Democrat hopeful Hillary Clinton tweeted ‘Love trumps hate’.

In the meantime all Arab and Muslim countries are preparing an effective boycott campaign of Donald Trump products. We don’t see any difference between ISIS’s and Donald Trump’s ideology, in fact both are radicalizing the people one way or another.

However, his chances of becoming the next US president are extremely remote, but God forbids if he wins by any chance, we wonder what will happen to the US in particular and the world at large.

My money is, however, on Hillary to be the first ever woman president of America.

I am so impressed by her campaign and the things she plans to do for her country and we expect the American voters to be equally wise to elect the right person for the job.

I don’t want any disastrous president to lead that country of the free.

It is worth recalling what the London Mayor recently said ‘I don’t want to go to New York because I fear I might accidentally meet Donald Trump’.

Everyone knows what a foul mouthed fellow he is! The shape of his mouth and the arrogance he shows tell a million stories.

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