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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 74

Pakistan lives in Aiyam-e-zaheliat still

By Muhammad Shafiqur Rahman

Days before I have collected a xerox copy of the letter sent from Pakistan by world noted cricketer Imran Khan to Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina MP. Imran, who is also the chairman of a political party Tehreek-e-Insaf of Pakistan appealed not to execute Salah Uddin Kader Chowdhury's death sentence, a war criminal of 1971 and a member of the standing committee of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) led by Former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia.

Saka Chowdhury was given death penalty for his direct involvement in perpetrating genocide in collaboration with the Pakistani occupation army in Bangladesh liberation war, in which 3 million Bengalees were killed and about half a million women were raped by the army of occupation. It was so horrifying that most of them were also killed after raping.

That means a big valium of atrocities took place in Bangladesh within a short span of 9 months which was unprecedented in the history of war crimes.

We don’t understand why a personality like Imran khan tried to save a notorious war criminal. We got the answer from the Pakistani human rights personalities including Asma Jahangir who pointed out that these criminals were the agents of Pakistan in Bangladesh.

We should not forget that Imran is also a Pakistani.

Saka chowdhury who organized a torture Chamber at his residence "good's hill" in the city of Chittagong, where he, in 9 months of war, used to tortured people. Many of them were killed including Natun Chandra Sing, a renowned businessman and an illustrious social Personality and activist.

Saka's crime has been proved and accordingly he was given death sentence along with another notorious war criminal Ali Ahsan Mujahid in two seperate cases.

Saka's death penalty was given by the international war crime tribunal (ICT) and then it was upheld by the appellate division of the supreme court of Bangladesh. Even Saka and other accused were allowed to appeal for review of the verdict and for mercy to the honorable president of republic. Only then he was executed at the first hour of 21 Novembers 2015. Imran Khan sent his letter on the same day from Pakistan.

But interestingly Imran Khan in his letter did not appeal to save Ali Ahsan Mujahid, who was also hanged on the same day same time on same charges in two separate gallows inside Dhaka central jail.

Mujahid also a Pro-Pakistani war criminal as Saka Chowdhuary was. He was the Secretary General of the main fundamenlist political party of Bangladesh Jamat-e-Islami which opposed Bangladesh independence movement all through and took arms against Bangladesh liberation war side with occupation army of Pakistan.

During 1971 Ali Ahsan Mujahid was one of the masterminds the formation of the ruthless Al-Badar Bahini. At that time he was the secretary General of Jamat's student wing Islami chatra Sangha (ICS), which killed Bengali intellectuals including University Professors, Journalists, Writers, Literateurs, Doctors, Engineers, Musicians, Singers, Painters, Artists, including noted Dhaka University professor Dr. Munir Chowdhury, Dr. g.c. Dev, Dr. Giasuddin, Dr. Alim Chowdhury, Journalist Siraj uddin Hosein, Shahidullah Krisaer, noted music composer of Ekuse song. "Amar bhaier rokte rangno Ekuse February, Ami ki Bhulite Pari".

Al-Badar killers picked them from their homes in the darkness of night and killed them all by bullet & bayonets. This has taken place just five days before the victory of the war on December 16, 1971. They killed more than 3 hundred intellectuals in 4 days only, to create a total vacuum in the field of progressive creative thinking., Their design was to create a serious crisis in rebuilding the country if achieve independence.

Imran khan's letter came when Pakistan's present administration after 44 years of independence denied in war crime committed by the Pakistani army the 1971. However Pakistan's denial of war crimes is the denial of one of the worst genocide that has ever taken place in the history of mankind. So Imran Khan is a Pakistani and we can not aspect anything different from him. We heard that after 70 years of Second World War Japan expressed their sorrow and sought apology to South Korea officially that their soldiers were involved in raping South Korean women during the war.

Mr. Imran Khan in his letter also gave importance of reconciliation between Pakistan and Bangladesh in two counts, "Firstly, both these two nations are members of the united nations and secondly, majority of their people are adherents of the teachings of Islam....” Mr. Imran is right in his point of view, okay, but can he answer these questions:

Firstly, normally reconciliation can take place only between a human being with another human being or a civilized society with another civilized society. Can Khan claim that their society is civilized?

Secondly, Malala Yousof zai, a teen-age girl who wanted to go to school and make her educated, but she was shooted down by so-called Islamist gunmen and had to leave the country with serious bullet injury.

Thanks to Almighty that the innocent baby is still alive. Now she is the champion of women's right to education and empowerment. For that she was conferred nobel prize. If we analyze the incident of Malala we can easily come to the conclusion that Pakistan as a country still lives in Aiyam-e-Zaheiat, the dark age of the pre-Islamic society.

Thirdly, Pakistan did not yet tried 195 Pakistani war criminals, who led the genocide. Moreover, after 44 years Pakistan started denying the charge of genocide, rape, killing of intellectuals and torture of unarmed Bangalis. It was their commitment that they will try 195 leading war criminals in Pakistan.

Fourthly, Imran Khan raised the question of teachings of Islam. But can I ask when Pakistani occupation army raped Bengali women in the name of Islam, are allowed in the adherents of the teachings of Islam, the religion of Peace and humanity?

Fifthly, before appeal for reconciliation the cricket mogul should launch a movement to bring back the stranded Pakistanis living in- human life in Geneva camp in Dhaka.

Sixthly, Imran should raise his voice to give back our shares looted by the autocratic regime of the Pakistan in 23 years.

Finally, I would advice Mr. Imran Khan to launch a movement to make the society of Pakistan civilized, so that it could come out of the darkness of Aiyam-e-Zaheliat.

The Writer Muhammad Shafiqur Rahman, a senior Journalist & President, National Press Club, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Pakistan lives in Aiyam-e-zaheliat still
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