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Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

By M. Zulkifli Nazim

Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka’s maiden speech in parliament is indeed an eye-opener to all our Sri Lankan citizens, without any exception. This comes from no less a personality than the person who was in the frontline - battlefront and in the forefront holding the position of greatest importance and advancement. He is well aware of all the elaborate and systematic plans of action and schemes perpetrated by the previous regime, their goons and henchmen.

We all salute him for his fearless and timely expression and exposure of the criminals and offenders of the era which actually was a dark cloud – the Sword of Damocles hanging over and hovering over the lives of everyone and everything in Sri Lanka.

From the moment our President Maithripala Sirisena, took over the reins of the government, where he expressed his uncompromising wishes of having a joint and united government with the UNP, a wave of agitation and profound disturbance set in the opposite camp. This variation, deviation and modification of the system of co-existence, politically or otherwise, was actually unheard of or loath to by the hostile camp and they did everything possible and are still continuing to do so, to destroy, demolish and do away with the newly formed government and its ideologies.

They are those who desecrated the august legislature, the parliament by misusing its premises – sleeping overnight, consuming alcohol, having hookers on their laps exhibiting hooliganism, vandalism and malicious mischief within this profoundly honored premises.

It is very unfortunate to see some of the members of the Maithripala Cabinet saying that they have to unite to defeat the UNP- quite in contrary to the hopes, desires and expressions of the President, who says we are joining hands for the progress and development of the country.

The most disturbing and distressing thing is that President Maithripala Sirisena has not taken these people to task or even instituted disciplinary action against them.

Members of parliament who violate every form of human decency are allowed to allege whatever they want - false accusations, malicious misrepresentations of someone's words and actions, calumniation seem to be the hallmark of these degenerates and abominations, clinging desperately to safeguard their personal agenda.

What will be the position of any citizen of Sri Lanka, if he has more than one official passport, National identity or Birth Certificate?

What will be the condition of any citizen of Sri Lanka, if he or she had committed murder, premeditated unlawful killing and torture of any human being?

What will be situation of any citizen of Sri Lanka who had committed armed robbery and plundering the wealth of the people and the wealth of the nation?

What is happening to the killers of Lasantha Wickrematunga, Prageeth Eknaligoda, Wasim Thajudeen, Raviraj and a host of others who have been murdered or have disappeared?

Why are there inordinate, excessive and unreasonable delays in bringing the murderers, plunderers and traitors to book?

Our President Mr Maithripala Sirisena was placed in authority by the power of the people who wanted justice meted out properly, swiftly and without any fear or favour. Where is this justice?

It is an age old adage which states that “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied”

What we see is the perpetrators of heinous crimes roaming freely and under the guise of freedom of expression, abusing and unleashing vitriolic accusations and malevolent attacks, unhindered and unbridled, against the government and its progressive developments.

What we cannot understand is that various malicious media are heavily involved in these venomous and vicious attacks against the government and all their good works.

The media has forgotten that they were gagged, muzzled and choked and were prevented from speaking out and now they are being given the freedom, they have gone overboard to the utter disgust and dismay of the decent people of Sri Lanka.

We remember when Mr. Maithripala Sirisena delivering the key note address, at the 60th Anniversary celebrations of the Sri Lanka Press Association held at the BMICH on 09th October 2015, he said that his government had ended the era where journalists had disappeared and were harassed.

However the president also did not fail to bemoan that the media was using the new found freedom to slander selected politicians and other individuals with scant respect to media ethics.

“Freedom of expression must not de-generate into wild ass freedom” he stressed.

The lexicons describe Freedom of the press or freedom of the media as the freedom of communication and expression through mediums including various electronic media and published materials.

While I too am reaping the benefits of freedom of expression in making these claims, it is imperative that we have to highlight that certain freedoms need to be restricted and curtailed for the other rights to exist.

What we see today is the some of the media deteriorating to animalistic instincts of superiority and hatred through a façade of freedom of expression. Without self-restraint and journalistic ethics, freedom of expression becomes the freedom of the wild ass.

Recalling the violation of SLFP Party orders by 42 members, in attending to a rally against the government, what disciplinary action has the SLFP Politburo taken against them?

Or will they too be mollycoddled and featherbedded by the President?

It is time that he took the reins firmly in his hands and mete out disciplinary action without any further delay, otherwise this is going to be a precedent for every member to violate the party constitution and discipline and do as he or she pleases.

Remember that: “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied.”

- Asian Tribune -

Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka in the centre making the maiden speech in parliament
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