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Reputed Attorney Hired to Get LTTE Deproscribed and Erase its Dark, Repulsive Image

By Philip Fernando in Los Angeles

Stung by repulsive world opinion arising from recent vicious terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka-at a mall in Nugegoda and at the office of Tamil Political Leader Douglas Devananda, the LTTE is trying desperately to get its banned status as a terrorist organization removed and thus get deproscribed.

Reputed U S Attorney Bruce Fein is reportedly being approached to take the brief. Don’t waste your time, said a reputed diplomat when told about this futile effort to hoodwink world opinion. Irrefutable evidence recorded on tape of the ruthless nature of the LTTE attacks will nail the LTTE.

The use of a crippled woman from the Wanni to blow herself up was caught on the video and played over and over again internationally. The equally heinous bomb attacks at the Nugegoda mall where 19 innocent people died and 30 were injured are too fresh in the minds of everyone. To qualify for the dubious distinction of being called a terrorist organization, there must be ample evidence to show deliberate and planned instances of wonton destruction of life and property.

Velupillai Prabhakaran has earned that status in a convincing manner said the diplomat. He puts Attila the Hun to shame. A dozier of LTTE terrorism is now available for everyone to see. White washing Velupillai Prabakaran is an impossible mission.

In an attempt to overcome the current U S laws against aiding the banned LTTE or Tamil Tiger or any attempt to purchase arms and collection of funds or money laundering, pro- LTTE groups are waging a campaign to pressurize the American government to show leniency.

Deproscribe the LTTE is the cry. But it is clear that US has realized how vicious the LTTE is. Haniffa Bin Osman, age 55, a citizen of the Republic of Singapore, pleaded guilty recently to conspiracy to provide material support to LTTE and money laundering.

U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein said, “Osman is the third defendant to plead guilty to conspiracy to provide material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization, and three defendants have pleaded guilty to attempting to illegally export arms.

A group known as Tamils for Justice is now soliciting money from the people to get the LTTE off the US banned list. Their web site is the main vehicle used. The cost of hiring an attorney is nearly $100,000. It is recorded that Bruce Fein, who is a constitutional and international lawyer, who also served as Associate Deputy Attorney General under President Ronald Reagan, is named to be the attorney to lead the said effort. The overall goal is the deproscription of the LTTE, and Statehood for Tamils.

The modus operandi is to utilize the US media, Congress, Senate, and Executive Branches of the US Government, and aggressively persuade everyone to understand and support Tamil Statehood.

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