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Corruption, liquor, price rise, unemployment and Hindutva - issues in Tamil Nadu poll 2016!

Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal,

With two weeks left for the people of Tamil Nadu to queue up before the poll booths to decide their own fate as well as the future of their children in the corruption-liquor ridden, latest pre-poll predictions cast the dominant corrupt – and hence richest - Dravidian parties ruling AIADMK and former ruling party DMK as being the beneficiaries of the May poll, while other parties including the PWA and PMK are kept at a distance.

New Hope

However, from opinion polls one gets the impression that no party would be able to get a clear majority in the assembly leading to the formation of first ever coalition government in the state as both the PWA and PMK would also play significant roles.

Seeking to outsmart each other, Tamil Nadu’s alternate ruling parties for several decades the DMK and AIADMK, also the richest parties of the state, spend huge resources in the campaign for the state assembly polls, have also widely used the media, including the social media, as primary tool of canvassing not just in Tamil Nadu but entire India, to advertise their poll promises and political agenda. With largest media strategy for polls, the BJP, now one of the richest national parties, is not way behind in its usual media strategy, though its ambitions now have inherent limitations in Tamil Nadu.

Other parties are, focusing on domestic scene by addressing the people in towns and villages in public meetings, have not yet begun to resort to media advertisement. Moreover, Vaiko’s abrupt decision not to contest the elections, maybe out of fear of losing as alleged by BJP and DMK or for concentrating his attention on the campaign fully for the victory of PWA without having to spend more time to campaign in his own constituency, having caused uneasiness in the minds of his own supporters, also confused the political analysts and onlookers.

Vaiko explained that DMK was creating a caste war in Kovilpatti to target him and this has been proved when his campaign entourage was attacked by the DMK workers in Thiruvarur where Karunanidhi is seeking his political fortunes, with weapons, causing damages to a couple of cars. Vaiko said the DMK is already developing cold feet about the impending defeat of party candidates.

The liquor-ban and rampant corruption issues issue now dominate the poll campaigns of all parties, obviously except the ruling AIADMK which, being the largest corrupt party, does not talk about corruption and talks only slow ban on liquor.

The ruling AIADMK and the opposition DMK have misruled Tamil state alternatively for decades as anti-incumbency factor worked against the ruling party being to fore the other party. However, since only these two parties have taken their right to rule the state, both fearlessly went ahead with policies and programs to suit the parties and mafia, make their party leaders rich. They promoted all mafias, like sand mafia, mine mafias, liquor mafias, job market mafias, etc. The party members of AIADMK and DMK are the top liquor tycoons and parties accelerated the liquor production by their member gangs.

While DMK actively boomed the private economy of its families, AIADMK’s wealth was concentrated on its sole leader Madam J. Jayalalithaa for which both party leaders have partially spent jail terms.

The People’s Welfare Alliance (PWA), a new coalition of 6 independent parties led by leaders Vaiko, Vijayakanth, and GK Vasan, G. Ramakrishnan, which took birth a few months ago to face the 2016 Tamil Nadu poll and challenge both DMK and AIADMK. Their campaign has assumed rhetoric fire targeting both top parties and seeking a new form of clean government.

For the PWA, Premalatha, wife of Vijayakanth is a major source of campaign support as she has been a star campaigner of the PWA, explaining the political map ahead for the alliance and, after the poll, Vijayakanth led government. She has assured the people of ending corruption and liquor in the state and jobs for the unemployed, other development projects.

Most, if not all, elected representatives have not visited their respective constituencies, villages and towns for the last 5 years and after the election they have totally forgotten their pathetic looking voters and common people and work for making money. They refused to do anything for anyone unless bribes are paid to them first.

Even when giant floods attacked some parts of the state many MLAs and ministers did not visit the affected areas because the can’t get any money there.

That is how Indian democracy functions.

Now many villages show their anger denying the MLAs entry into some villages for votes.

False promises

AIADMK of Jayalalithaa has very closely followed the footsteps of DMK of Karunanidhi in promoting corruption on a large scale. They possibly consider Tamils as fools.

The most cunning and cruelest act of both top Dravidian dispensations has been to make the Tamil voters to take to liquor culture and get used to bribery system developed by Karunanidhi and Jayalalithaa. That is what both of them now claim to have fulfilled the promises above what they had promised because liquor and bribery were not promised by them in previous poll campaigns.

Interestingly, both DMK and AIADMK all of a sudden began talking about liquor prohibition in the state in order to overtake the PMK and PWA poll promises to do away way with liquor evil once for all if elected to power. Obviously, DMK as well as AIADMK grew up on liquor trade and bribery system in the state and many party members and supporters are engaged in the ‘business’ and as such their liquor ban promise the make is only a poll strategy to outsmart PMK and PWA in the poll campaign and fl the people in the elections.

In fact, the PMK began its election campaign by announcing some reforms including liquor prohibition and anti-corruption practices. Initially DMK and AIADMK chose to ignore it but when the PWA leaders also raising the issues that harm the society, both parties having enjoyed limitless power, also woke up to the anti-liquor “threat” and decided to make same promises. They are obviously not serious.

In cricket the government wants to have frauds and fakes in order for giving away national awards and national wealth with them but in politics and nation building such frauds and fakes are detrimental to the prestige of nation and states.

Liquor baron, IPL boss and BJP MP, Vijay Mallya phenomenon has taken the nation by shock as he has been promoted and shield by the governments both Congress and BJP and one wonders who in fact rules India. The nation is in the horrid hands of international frauds with links with governments.

The internet providers are looting the people of India by manipulating the speed of the meter but neither the central nor state government has not been able to regular the system and punish the internet providers for the open fraudulences and mischief in crores. Government agencies seem to share the joint public loots by internet providers just like illegal miners and liquor mafias.

BJP employs anti-Muslimism and ant-democracy as Hindutva as an effective tool to terrorize hinds for their votes.
At national level, BJP religiously pursues the corrupt practices of Congress regime and its state governments also follow the suit. BJP harps on corruption, like on Pakistan and Muslims, in order to win elections but once in power it proves Congress is slightly better. In Karnataka where won state elections BJP leaders took bribes and ministers were engaged in illegal mining activities.

Total corruption!

Ill-effects of liquor bribery culture

Today, thanks to ‘flow’ of liquor in the state, more and more young people and even school boys take to liquor culture. That is indeed unfortunate because the government is supposed to save the youth from evil practices but it sends them to jail as they drink liquor or use other inhale stuff.

There is no need to explain the family crises due drinking habits of both men and women in the society leading to breaking and weakening of families. Street nuisance is being created by them after their drinks. Many people have died and got killed due the ever increasing liquor culture.

It is strange that after independence Indian rulers at the centre and in states, instead of helping the common masses to live as free citizens with dignity, have only promoted rampant corruption and the rulers and families themselves looted nation’s wealth for their ‘services’ to the country.

As the ruling party and elected representatives of people are busy in looting nation’s resources, the officials in ministries also do the same and keep making illegal wealth through immoral means. A latest report says a top officer by name Mohan in the transport ministry has made at least 8oo crores and the anti-corruption squad discovered plenty of gold and money from his house and a lot of gold etc has been kept in bank.

Without the necessary means, farmers commit suicide.

Poverty is directly linked to corruption. The CM candidate of PWA said unless corruption is effectively contained and ended, poverty cannot be eliminated. Corruption works against common and poor people
Poor and common people complain the Jaya government does not do anything for their villages. Many ruling ministers are denied entry into some villages where the poor protested.

Both AIADMK and DMK say they would win mainly because they as before trust what the leaders say.

Former TN CM and Congress national president K. Kamaraj opened new schools for the poor children and as the first ever plan to feed poor school children he introduced midday meals for the children (This writer was one the fortunate beneficiary of Kamaraj’s midday meal scheme. Vijayakanth recalled that Kamaraj asked the children to study and learn but Karunanidhi opened toddy and arrack shops across the state while Jayalalithaa went ahead by providing foreign liquor in the state owned shops called Tasmac, opened everywhere in the state being huge profits, but harming the life of ordinary people.

While the Congress government began earnestly by solving the pressing problems of common people of Tamil Nadu (then Madras state), the DMK and AIADMK that followed the Congress rule, began to loot the state resources. They just gave promises during the poll but after the polls, they conveniently forget the people and promises. Rarely the ministers and MLA visit the constituency, let alone doing anything good for the common people. These leaders are engaged in money/wealth making.

As a result even the very fundamental problems like water, electricity and pure air are not addressed. The DMK, AIADMK governments added more problems to the people by blasting nuclear terror plants in Kudankulam against the will of the people, creating a perpetual panic situation among the people.

Now they joke that they would scrap liquor culture and impose prohibition. DMK as well as AIADMK have now promised to end liquorism to which they forced the common people of the Tamil society.

Corruption, liquor, freebies

In every department of TN government, corruption is on top gear in the state and common people are unable to get their legitimate things done from government offices if they don’t grease their palms.

For admission to schools, colleges, institutions the common people have to pay huge amount if they want seats. For a job educated people have to pay lakhs. Tamil Nadu is moving very fast to loot even the common masses while government also promotes the trend.

Most candidates contest in elections are rich and they first bribe the parties to get seats to contest and bribe the voters for their votes. After the polls, the MLAs and MP forget the voters and just mint money.

Like Vaiko GK Vasan and Vijayakanth, TN Congress party president Elangovan has also criticize the level of rampant corruption in the Jaya government. From small job or service to big jobs like Vice Chancellor or Registrar huge money is taken as bribe. Saying that in an appointment of VC in Tamil Nadu Governor and CM shared 15 crores, Elangovan challenged the media to file case against him and he would release all details to public. There won’t be fire without smoke, it is said. One is not sure if Elangovan speaks the truth or just jokes. If what he tells is the truth, the Karunanidhi team has reason to laugh loudly.

However, if the bribe allegation with regard to VC appointments in the state is true, both governor Rosaiah and CM Jayalalithaa should resign right now or at least face valid probe. If proven Rosaiah should face the consequences, instead of quickly returning to Andhra Pradesh to escape punishment.

Meanwhile the Congress party has succeeded in splitting the TMC of GK Vasan in Puducherry as its leader Selvaraj quit TMC and joined Congress, causing difficulty for TMC in contesting the poll in the state. Both DMK and Congress are growing restless as PWA is growing in strength and making efforts to split all parities in PWA.

Freebies as a state policy makes the poor and common masses a beggar class officially. PMK’s CM candidate Anbumani (son of founder of PMK Dr. Ramadoss) declared he would abolish freebies and use the money for good free education to children and also end corruption and use the money for the general welfare measures of people.
This time, over one crore new voters and neutral voters want to find a new government by replacing AIADMK/DMK domination in the state for years. They are enthusiastic about the new development in the state poll politics as a new alliance known as PWA has challenged both these top corrupt Dravidian parties and promised a clean government for Tamils who have been longing for years to get rid of the corrupt politicians.


Democratic governments are duty bound to provide the people employment, control prices for unlimited essential supplies unpolluted air, clean and safe water, cheap but clean and edible food, cheap and reliable electricity. But villages and many towns - even cities - in the Tamil state are not equipped with these basic necessities because the government agencies are corrupt. Air is badly polluted, water is not clean, and electricity is not reliable. Many villages have no drinking water for the common people. DMK and AIADMK rulers have converted truth seeking Tamils into heavy drunkards and corruption promoters.

The DMK, AIADMK governments have put the life of people of Tamil Nadu under harmful, permanent risk. They are guilty.

Freebies the DMK and AIADMK governments have given to the poor people of the state are not bad but they are not from their own wealth but from the government funds. Cheap food and price control are a good idea but freebies not good for the health of the nation.

Under tremendous impact of Delhi assembly poll outcomes when a new AAP party has been voted to power with a huge mandate by dismantling both Congress and BJP, and under the influence of their own youth activism seeking new form of governance to mitigate the plight of poor who see the freebies thrown by the AIADMK government as the only achievement in their life, seem to have decided to vote for a change in the government, to throw both DMK and AIADMK as well as Hindutva communal parties using hate politics as their key tool to divide the society, even if they don’t get votes. They are eager to cleanse the dirty corporatist corrupt politics of Tamil Nadu.

It is here that the Vaiko-Vijayakanth led PWA has become very significant. It should make full use of the new mood of the people to ensure only their votes to form their first ever government but also rule sincerely on behalf of the people and for their own welfare and uplift, without getting into corrupt-criminal routes of previous rulers, thereby taking the state to top national map of development marks.

Illuminating PMK party gives a clear plan for a new Tamil Nadu and has repeatedly said they would get a clear majority in the new assembly to change the state to serve the common masses with full commitment. However, it may be possible for the PMK, rooted only in some pockets of the state, to win a majority in the assembly. But the PWA has the untested capacity to win the poll.

People have a reason to trust the new coalition known as PWA that has ideas for a better Tamil Nadu. PWA is the only hope now and it is likely to win the poll.

Meanwhile, not only Vaiko and Vijayakanth but also actor Kamal Haasan also asked the peole not to accept money for their votes because that money is dirty and earned by immoral and illegal means and also because once they accept bribes for votes they lose their right to criticize the political corruption. Political leaders would happily continue to mint money after getting elected because they paid money to have the right to loot the nation and states.
While AIADMK is closely but patiently watching the changing mood of the new voters, the DMK, seeing bad fortunes around, seems to be feeling a fish getting out of water. If PWA and PMK could muster enough seats to form the government that can give people good governance.

There is corruption all over India thanks to Congress and other central-state rulers, however that does not mean Tamil Nadu cannot overcome that menace.

Tamils need a genuinely pro-people government with the proven corrupt parties cannot provide. Congress and BJP, the national secret allies, are corrupt and fanatic parties. It is likely that no party or alliance would gain a clear majority in the assembly poll as PWA and PMK give the top Dravidian corrupt parties a tough fight.

Tamil Nadu, after suffering a lot for decades of misrule by DMK and AIADMK parties, now deserves an honest and genuine government.

Life of people would be much better if the elections bring in a new kind of governance in the state If, however, the PWA fails to secure at least simple majority or cannot form a government in the state would be the ill-fate of Tamils. If it wins, forms and run the government without inner squabbles to show how best to rule in a democracy that would set a historic model for other states to emulate.

- Asian Tribune -

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