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Life story of V.T.V. Deivanayanayagam Pillai - Founder of Eswaran Brothers

Reviewed by E. Weerapperuma
Colombo, 07 May, (

The life story of Deivanayanayagam Pillai is now translated and published in Sinhalese. It tells how to maintain good relationships, in the business world and the rapport one should maintain in dealing with their respective customers.

"Lovak Eliya Kala Maha Pahan Tamba", the Sinhala translation of “Ithough Oru Velicham,” the life story of V.T.V. Deivanayanayagam Pillai, the Founder of the Eswaran Brothers (Pvt) Ltd was released recently at the book launching ceremony held at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel, Colombo.

While the book in Tamil was written by T.K. Chandrasekeran , the Sinhala translation was by Anuradha Jayasinghe , BA(Kelaniya) ;MA(kelaniya), the Visiting Lecturer, the Department of Linguistic s, Kelaniya University.

The author’s main concern or the focus was to bring out the life of Deivanayanayagam Pillai as a story worthy of emulation, especially by those already in the business world, including his own children and grandchildren and those espousing to enter into the trading arena or showing their preference to have a firm hold in the business field.

It is a tool, a guiding book in a way to those willing to rise up the ladder and reach the top in business world. It is a book full of life and keeps the reader possessed by what it contains and the reader would show reluctance to keep the book aside without reading it to the end.

The life story of Deivanayanayagam Pillai tells how to maintain good relationships, in the business world and the rapport one should maintain in dealing with their respective customers. It underscores the importance of being a little more than tolerant, and to go out of one’s way, to help even to those who have cheated (you) and give that person(or those persons) a second chance, a helping hand to rise from the gutters he/they had fallen.

It means to be merciful and being merciful and kind, would benefit one in the end. For God will not let one (you) down and when one is (you are) in trouble cling to him with renewed confidence, for He will come to one’s (your) assistance at the most darkest hour of one’s life.

Hence the book is more than a life story of a veteran business tycoon. It has something more to offer to the reader and the book with full of life and vigor, has something worthwhile to the ordinary and serves well to the general public, to the parents, the teachers and the children, and those in family life, facing numerous issues and problems as they live the life they have chosen until the end of time of each respectively.

The book also shows how to maintain good rapport, the employer with one’s employees and hence a copy of it is a must to those in the business field, to take a lesson from the experience of that veteran business tycoon whose success is very evident to this day.

The children and the grand children have faithfully followed in the footsteps of their founder and in silence they observe, to the letter and the spirit of the advice practiced and shown while Deivanayagam was alive.

The methodology he used in dealing with his workers, give a clue to make something one’s own and use it dealing with situations he /she is faced with. Hence the book is something unique.

Chandrasekaran when collecting the material for his book on Deivanayagam Pillai had taken pains to quotes from the sacred scriptures, sayings of sagas, of world renowned personalities in a fitting manner to send the message, home to the reader, drive a point, enlightening the readers’ mind and help them pose, ponder for a while, and grasp the deeper meaning of what they have been reading.

In fact it is re-reading of one’s own life and activities, as a parent, a teacher, a businessman or a person with some recognition in society.

In translating this book into Sinhala from Tamil, Jayasinghe has shown her ability and she deserves readers appreciation. She has well absorbed what she had read in Tamil and had rendered the meaning in a beautiful way catching the heart and mind of the Sinhala reader. She had used the appropriate Sinhala words convey in Sinhala what was originally in Tamil, and makes the readers enjoy reading at ease.

Deivanayagam Pillai was born a son to Weeravahu Pillai and Muththu Wadivu on October 7, 1911 at Pannamapaarai, a very remote village not even mentioned in the Map of the Tamil Nadu State.

Weeravahu Pillai was a successful businessman in Sri Lanaka (then Ceylon). As his business collapsed unexpectedly he went back to his home village in TamilNadu and years later Deivanayagam Pillai comes to Sri Lanka to continue business from where his father had stopped. But when he came here it was altogether a different story and he had to begin everything anew in a very hard way under trying condition. He faced all those with courage and unswerving faith in his god.

He lost his mother at the age of 6 and father at the age of 10. He was at a loss with his other two sisters and his elder brother Sudalaimuththu. They were orphans in the strict sense of the word. And he comes to Sri Lanka at the age of 12 with full of hope for a better future for him, his brother and the two sisters.

The book narrates how he climbed up the ladder of success and there is lot to learn from his life to those keen to enjoy unfailing success in their trade whatever it is. He shows the importance of accepting challenges as a blessing to move forward with courage and a mind to design to reach success. He has succeeded like the river that flew down the valley overcoming all obstacles it finds on its way.

The Book also gives a very brief account of what happened in Sri Lanka from the year 1915 onwards and the bitter taste of conflicts he experienced and witnessed with others within the country. He was dashed to the ground with what personally experienced but withstood all odds trusting fully and clinging to the divine.

The author portrays Deivanayagam as a successful man not only in the business field but also as a very human person lovable and caring. He was a man with an unfailing smile on his face and treated all with a kind heart and was ready all times to give a helping hand and had the patience to hear attentively the plight of someone whom he had known or come to know about. Because of his humanitarian activities he was amply recognized by the society at large and the country, his second home Sri Lanka.

The best tribute one can pay to him including his children and those who have associated him, is to develop, cultivate his good habits they appreciate and make them, a part and parcel of their respective lives.

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Life story of  V.T.V. Deivanayanayagam Pillai  - Founder of   Eswaran Brothers
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