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Tamil Nadu poll 2016: will People’s Welfare Alliance (PWA) be able win polls for Madras Fort?

By Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

Certainly, it is not easy for the new political force People’s Welfare Alliance (PWA) in Tamil Nadu to be able to win the Assembly poll, but if it does win, one can obviously expect good and honest governance in the state after several decades.

The campaigning for the assembly elections in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Puducherry has ended on May 14 evening after hectic campaigns for nearly a month. The polling for 234 seats in Tamil Nadu, 140 constituencies in Kerala and 30 seats in Puducherry will be held on May 16. The counting of votes in these states, along with Assam and West Bengal will be taken up on May 19 - the judgment day when the results will also be announced.

For the assembly elections in Puducherry, 344 candidates are in the fray, including 96 Independents, 21 women and one transgender. In Kerala assembly elections, the Congress in 87 seats and the CPI-M in 85 seats and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is contesting in 98 seats. There are 782 independent candidates. A total of 1,203 contestants, including 109 women, are in the fray. About 2, 61, 06,422 registered voters will exercise their franchise. Tamil Nadu has 234 assembly seats. In the 2011 assembly elections, AIADMK had won 150, DMDK-29, DMK-23, CPM-10, CPI-9 and others-13 seats respectively.

Money, apart from muscle and political infrastructure, plays crucial role in Tamil Nadu poll where candidates pay bribes to the voters for votes in advance before the pooling day or on that very day and the politicians expect huge bribes from the people if they , after the poll, want any work done by the elected representatives.

No free services in politics. Politicians and corporate lords invest in polls in order only to make sumptuous profits from the grateful ‘government offers’.

Tamil Nadu is undergoing the scenario of one of the toughest battles for Madras Fort as the incumbent AIADMK and opposition DMK are making all out campaigns to outsmart one another while the new parties like PWA and PMK are making their bid for capturing the Fort from the control of both of these top Dravidian parties on corruption cum liquor issues.

‘Cash for votes’ form the candidates to voters is a ‘normal’ practice during Indian polls. Misuse of power and distribution of money for votes are rampant in Tamil state, notwithstanding elaborate arrangements by the Election Commission this time to be vigilant about the money flow menace.

Ahead of 16 May Assembly polls in Tamil Nadu, election flying squad personnel on Friday seized Rs 10.48 lakh cash, suspected to be meant for distribution to voters, from the car of a local AIADMK functionary, police said. The election flying squad personnel found the cash in the car of Aythioyapattinam AIADMK union secretary AP Mani as he tried to leave his house near Yercaud in the district, they said. As Mani could not account for the money, it was seized and later handed over to the returning officer of the Yercaud constituency - a hill station in Salem District. Latest TV reports say that the Special squad of the Election Commission has unearthed three trucks full of cash worth whopping 570 crores in Thiruppur going to Hyderabad and details are not available.

Such money transfers and circulations and payments to the voters are very common in the state and both AIADMK and DMK have plenty of unaccounted money which they offer to voters in exchange for votes.

Thanks to tremendous pressure from PWA and PMK, the election commission is forced this time to check the movement and inland laundering of money in constituencies and also caught huge sums of money from the party leaders and candidates and associates. Big companies lords and rich people donate and even finance the polls and reap benefits after the poll.

Frankly the fate of PWA (People’s Welfare Alliance), rather than of incumbent AIADMK or shadow government of former ruling party DMK, will be decided by the Tamils in the ensuing assembly poll on 16 May.

Whether or the people of Tamil Nadu will be able overcome the hurdles being created by the state’s strong parties with huge resources and links is the chief question bothering right thinking onlookers who want to see a sea change with new form of governance through a genuine and honest government in the state to take the people to new heights in all respects of Indian standards. People, particularly, the youth of Tamil Nadu are eager to replace both the top Darwinian parties that the present rampant corruption, price rise and liquor over flows by a selfless and truly pro-people parties like PWA. Not only the PWA but other parties with similar anti-corruption and anti-liquor platforms like Anbumani’s PMK also fighting to remove the corrupt parties DMK and AIADMK from Tamil soil and as such their fate is also serious question.

If the PWA and PMK loses and unable to form a government, that would be a great loss of the people, but these parties are not going to end politics , rather they would further intensify the struggle against corruption and liquor and become stronger to face the electorates with perfect hopes.

A victory for ruling AIADMK or DMK would indirectly mean that the Tamil people maybe fond of corruption, enjoy liquor culture imposed by these two Dravidian parties on the state and they do appreciate the rising prices. Instead of selling the petrol prices at 30-35 rupees per litter as per the falling prices in international market, Tamils are made to play huge money on petrol to run their scooters. Tamils are denied safe and pure drinking water in the state. However, the truth would be that black money and infrastructural resources help these richest parties.

As the political picture in Kerala, which is also going to assembly poll on May 16, it is becoming somewhat clear about the possible winners and losers in the state of literates. It is apparently clear now that the Congress party’s ‘Corrupt Congress Raj’ (CCR) is fast coming to an end and the left forces waiting impatiently for the last 5 years to get their turn to misrule the state as quickly as possible.

People of Kerala are likely deny another term to CCR but have no other credible alternative than to elect the so-called criminalized communists, while the communalized Hindutva parties led by BJP may have to wait almost endlessly for entry into Kerala assembly.

If, by chance the BJP wins a seat in the Kerala Assembly, it won’t just be ‘historic’ but could also be disastrous for the secular state as Hindutva has the inherent capacity to emerge a strong force in the state, targeting government formation in due course as it did in Karnataka. BJP can very easily to replace Congress party in the state as it is working in a big way to promote the party by attracting celebrities; it has got a Malayalam film actor Suresh Gopi and a tainted cricket bowler Sreeshanth. Generally the Left and Congress parties in the state do encourage celebrities to join them but now they might as well go after them. Fearing defeat in very first polls in life, Gopi, having been nominated to parliament as a BJP member did not contest the poll while bowler is in the fray from the capital Trivandrum constituency, obviously without any hopes. . .

But the picture is not so clear in Tamil Nadu where a tough fight is on among four alliances, viz., AIADMK, DMK, PWA and PMK. BJP which is also contesting along with some minor Hindu communal outfits is nowhere in the picture as this time it is not being promoted by either of the two top Dravidian parties.

While the AIADMK has taken a calculated risk by fighting the poll almost alone (with small tiny parties that contest the poll on AIADMK symbol of two leaves), DMK forged an alliance with Congress and some other minor parties. DMK is on records saying that in Tamil Nadu one of two major parties alone can win and form government others are just waste bags.

Jayalalithaa does not seem to have taken notice of existence of PMK and PWA as, possibly does think they have any chance at all or she wants them to rule in case her party is not able to form the next government. Jaya and her party people do not want the return of DMK rule even by chance of default DMK and AIADMK misruled Tamil Nadu, ruined the state by looting the resources for the family purposes. While DMK is still managing to influence the Modi government in keeping corruption files related to his family members, Jayalalithaa is waiting anxiously for the Supreme Court verdict in the disproportionate assets case which most likely will take her back to jail.

If AIADMK wins Jayalalithaa would emerge as the super politician of the state while Karunanidhi and Stalin would be reduced to mere dust.

Meanwhile, there seems to be a public opinion that if DMK manages the sow along with Congress and Muslim league etc, the party people would now divide the remaining lands of the state amongst themselves and their families and close associates.

A nation or a state with a nation requires to enjoy certain prestige in order to be recognized for its genuineness but Tamil Nadu is ls listed in the least developed and most corrupt states in India with liquor flowing quite freely everywhere, weakening the family and societal healthy life.

It is here that the parties like PWA and PMK comes into picture to save the state and Tamils from the webs of corrupt politicians. They have promised a new healthy life for the state and people.

Onlookers watch carefully if Tamil Nadu would repeat the Delhi assembly outcome by voting the PWA and PMK to power. Delhi people rejected both the top national parties the Congress and BJP that ruled the capital by rotation, has given a clear mandate last year to the newly formed AAP (Aam Admi Party) of Arvind Kejriwal who won the hearts and minds of Delhiites by his struggles for the betterment of Delhi and its people. Kejriwal still guard the state by denying chances to corrupt and insincere leaders to spoil the image of APP or loot the state and hence the corporate media with Congress-BJP nexus keeps target his government If these visibly genuine people’s parties don’t win and if the corrupt parties once again win to misrule the state, who will suffer- if not people themselves?

- Asian Tribune -

Tamil Nadu poll 2016: will People’s Welfare Alliance (PWA) be able win polls for Madras Fort?
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