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Is Tamil Nadu heading for hung assembly?

By Dr. Abdu Ruff

One can’t pointblank say as yet that the people of Tamil Nadu have voted for a hung assembly but the post poll predictions say so, although exit polls gave contradictory views about the poll outcomes.

While some exit polls projected AIADMK as the clear winner, some others have given DMK the winner trophy. Later, the post poll reviews have shown an altogether different picture.

However, latest post poll analyses indicate that the state is heading for a hung assembly with Jayalalithaa’s AIADMK securing maximum seats (111) but not enough to form a government on its own, while DMK-Congress alliance taking the second place (99) and won’t be able form a government even with outside support, other parties ending with a few seats.

Although the difference is not big between the two top parties, DMK may not be able to secure the support of other parties. Intensive poll campaign seems to have given such a divided or split verdict and that is also quite natural as voters do not seem to give a clean verdict to any party.

In other words, Tamils have no trust in any party, national or regional. However, whether or not DMK would be able to convince them for ‘profitable’ alliance remains to be seen.

In the final reports, Tamil Nadu polled nearly 74% of total votes as the polling ended in the evening on May 16, almost equal to the position of neighboring Kerala’s voting. While the ruling AIADMK and opposition DMK-Congress duo went full board in campaign strategies, spending huge resources on the polls and voters by way of bribes for votes, notwithstanding the top geared efforts to deny chances of inland money laundering and bribing the voters.

Corrupt politicians, in spite of all laws and strict procedures adopted by the Election Commissions, know and invent new techniques to get and give bribes and they have successfully bribed the Tamil voters in many ways- from cash to various gifts.

If the post poll predictions have to be taken seriously, then, AIADMK would form a government with an alliance with PWA and PMK.

Presence of PWA and PMK in the AIADMK government can be beneficial to Tamilnadu as they can serve as a check and balance system to help the government to be honest and genuinely performing.

However, what is said here is only the predictions and the real verdict is not yet out and, as the incumbent CM of the state Jayalalithaa said, we have to wait for the 19th May to know the real judgment of Tamils.

- Asian Tribune -

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