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Where are we heading to? Can’t we all look back?

By V.Anandasangaree - Secretary General- TULF

Our country is undergoing untold hardships politically, economically and due to National calamities off and on. We faced big crises in the government and just limping back with hopes for a better future.

Months back everyone felt that it is the bounden duty of every citizen of this country to redeem it from the crisis it faced, without showing any animosity based on ethnicity or religion or political grounds. I may be permitted to say that the government that started with great enthusiasm has now deteriorated to the extent of losing the characteristics of a national government or a coalition government. I am not at all surprised that the government is losing its strength day by day, as a government for good governance.

Our country is not the one that the people expected it to be. There are several divergent forces working against one another, within the government. It is hard to identify as to who is who and what is what in the government. Only in name this is Maithripala Srisena’s government with .Ranil Wickramasinghe as Prime Minister. Ministers in the government condemn each other, some even the Prime Minister. How can one call it a National government or a coalition government or even a government of good governance.

The TULF is a very senior Tamil Political Party and a moderate one, absolutely committed to nonviolence. How did the TULF fail to be a part of the government, only a very few know it. The TULF faced the 2004 general elections with a full set of candidates. What happened at this election, how the TULF faced a stunning defeat, how the ITAK usurped the position held by the TULF in the TNA and won all the 22 seats, whether genuinely or fraudulently and whether any action legal or otherwise was taken to set the record straight, are all now forgotten.

The International Community fully backed by the diaspora had been made to believe that the democratic process did not fail at the 2004 general election. Although this story may be a fiction for the others, as far as the TULF, its supporters and those strictly committed to democratic norms are concerned, all these are true and democracy, as far as the Tamils are concerned, completely got buried in Sri Lanka at the 2004 general election. Most Tamils all over the world genuinely feel that the government’s failure to bring the TULF back into the democratic process is a gross betrayal of the trust the Tamils placed on the government of Sri Lanka. The governments conduct appears to be trying to conceal the most undemocratic manner the TNA, which in fact is the ITAK, won all the 22 seats at the 2004 general election. The democracy that derailed in 2004 has not got back on the proper track.

The TULF was not founded by Tom Tick and Harry. It was the creation of most prestigious leaders of the Tamil community at that time, people like the late S.J.V.Chelvanayagam Q.C, the late G.G.Ponnambalam Q.C, Eminent Lawyers like the late Mr.A.Amirthalingam and the late Mr. M.Sivasithambaram and left as a legacy for the Tamil people to look after all their problems. I have a sacred duty to safeguard it and bring the TULF back to its past glory. Unfortunately the present Government has, knowingly or unknowingly, given recognition to the party that did not strictly function as a democratic one and also further committed by appointing, as the leader of the opposition, a person who was responsible for destroying the major democratic party that had 14 seats in the Parliament, with the help of a group committed to nonviolence.

The intension of the TULF is not to en-throne or de-throne any person or any political party. Our grievance is that the failure of the authorities to recognize or to save a genuine democratic party, in preference to a party that gained power by adopting unfair methods, including fire power and violence. Although belated I call upon everybody, the government and the opposition in Sri Lanka and the International Community to help to restore proper democracy in Sri Lanka and help to rewrite the recent history, recorded with great bias. Until this is achieved Sri Lanka will neither have a properly constituted National Government nor a Coalition Government and never a Government of good Governance.

This government has a lot to learn from national disasters, which in my opinion come either as messages or warnings to get alerted. We missed the opportunity that came with the tsunami in 2004. I hope at least the present disaster that we are facing today is a lesson for us to learn to be honest in dealing with our problems including the ethnic issue. I request the Government and opposition to get united in vital issues and bring peace and tranquility to an ailing nation, for which the TULF will give its unstinting support. If we don’t mend our ways mother nature will do it for us.

- Asian Tribune -

Where are we heading to?  Can’t we all look back?
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